The Lazy Way to Find the Owner of Any Cell Phone

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The Lazy Way to Find the Owner of Any Cell Phone

Find the owner of any cell phone doesn't have to be a complicated thing. Nowadays it's fairly easy and inexpensive to do. It's not free though. Despite marketing saying that you will get a FREE Phone Cell Number Lookup. They are only partially free.

With a free search you will get some basic information. Such as; "yes, we have information regarding this number", or, "This number is located in Los Angeles", or "The following information is available for this number.

For some people the free information is actually all they need, but for the majority or searchers you will end up needing to pay for a more detailed search.
It's not that it's expensive, because it is not. A one-time very detailed search will cost you $10-$15; a yearly unlimited search will cost you around $35-$40. This will allow you look up an unlimited number of callers at any time, day or night.

This is the way to do it;

1. Let say that someone is calling you and you either do not want to answer the call, because you don't know who is calling, or you were not able to get to the phone fast enough.

2. On your caller id, there is number showing. You can either call that number back or, if you are like most people, you don't want to call back an unknown number and have to deal with a potential sales person or worse. But you still wonder who actually called you
3. If have you access to a phone cell number lookup service, you then do the following:

a. Log in to your account
b. Type in the phone number in the search box. Click enter
c. In a few seconds all kinds of information regarding that number will become available to you.
d. Some services also allow you to lookup other information, such as criminal records etc (perfect for a business for example)

I personally us this phone cell number lookup service on a daily basis. As a father of younger kids I want to make sure I know who is calling them. I'm not talking about their friends, grandparents etc. But, if I see a telephone number on their caller ID that is coming from out of state for example. I do want to know who that person was and why they un-solicited called my child. In my mind, nobody from another state has any reason to cell my kids.

Every single parent need to have one of these phone cell number lookup service. At least in my humble… opinion.

I hope that this, The Lazy Way to Find the Owner of Any Cell Phone, can help you with kids and phone safety.

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