The latest negative press regarding mobile recycling

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There has been a some bad publicity pointed at the new breed of company who offer mobile phone recycling . It seems lots of clients have planned to cash in their mobile , however, people found the money landed in their bank people noticed they have been paid the broken rate as opposed to the higher rate paid for working handsets . You really need to avoid this so that you make the most of the cash in value of your handset the following few paragraphs should help you in doing this:

Don't attempt to pass off a broken mobile as working

The recycling companies test your mobile phone handset, a broken screen or phone that does not turn on is easy to spot , however, some underlying issues are much less obvious. We have heard stories where people get paid at the premium working rate when sending in a phone with a damaged mic or speaker, however, stories such as this are the exception not the rule and the testing of these faculties is becoming more and more efficient, quick and automated. Even if the phone has a less than obvious fault then it will most likely be picked up on. If your handset is not working you are better off been honest in advance to make sure the transaction is completed quickly and effectively. Minor software/hardware faults can sometimes slip through the net but if you choose to go down this road then you must be ready for the consequences and you could well find yourself having to shell out for the return of the handset if you are unable to come to some agreement.

Wear and tear from use is expected

When you are offered a price it has wear and tear factored in , handsets are expected to have been put to substantial use. Many people hang onto their mobile phone for years, some people are really heavy users whereas others only use their phones in emergencies. Worn out keys, chips, scratches and small dents are all acceptable . The best way to decide if a phone is subject to wear and tear or actually classed as damaged is to ask yourself if the handset is mealy damaged cosmetically or if there is any actual damage.

The charger

Many recycling companies ask for the charger along with the handset , even if this too is broke . You'll have to check with the company you select.

The recycle mobile org is the UKs best place to look in the UK for details of recycling broken mobiles

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