The Latest Hair Loss Research Shows Promise For Many Who Would Not Have Benefited Before

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What do you think the latest hair loss research is telling us when it comes to re-growing hair? You might be surprised to know the hair you have lost can be re-grown.

Yes, with the discoveries that have been made today, it is entirely possible for lost hair to be re-grown. The all natural products that we have largely ignored are detrimental to preserving hair.

There are many vitamins, minerals and herbs that we can use to help keep the hair we have and stop excessive loss of hair. In order to understand how these products work, you will need to find out why you are losing your hair.

The culprit for the most part in loss of hair is DHT. This is a hormone that is produced by testosterone when too much is made by males or females.

The DHT is a killer for hair follicles. It attaches itself to the follicles and causes loss of nutrients needed to grow hair.

In effect, what it does is cause the hair follicle to shrink until it is so damaged it cannot grow hair. Due to the latest hair loss research we know that this is what happens in a large percentage of people who lose their hair.

The research has also shown how this can be reversed by using certain products. The experiments that have been conducted using Vitamin B-6, Biotin, magnesium, zinc and herbs such as saw palmetto, nettle and horsetail have shown great results.

Stopping DHT in its tracks and keeping it from destroying hair follicles is one of the most important things we have learned. In the latest hair loss research the re-growth of hair started to show in only a few weeks.

There were no harmful side-effects as these are all natural ingredients. Some are necessary vitamins for other functions of the body as well.

Vitamin B-6 is essential for healthy skin and nails in addition to the hair. The minerals zinc and magnesium are used by the body to help you sleep better for one.

In addition to blocking the DHT from choking off hair follicles, some of these herbs will help your circulation and general well-being. They are herbs that have been in use for many years.

Only recently were they found to have the properties needed to help hair loss. Some of these have been used since ancient times for a variety of illnesses and complaints.

Recently meaning in the last several years is the time frame that we have known what these vitamins and minerals are capable of doing. There are many aspects of our past that we have not studied, but thank goodness this was discovered.

This has been considered a lifesaver by many people. The alternatives are not pleasant and they are somewhat expensive as well.

The truth is there are many men who are embarrassed by asking questions about hair loss. But with over 50 million of them suffering from hair loss, they are just paving the way for others who feel the same as they do.


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