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With all the ridiculous rumors flying around the internet about the next possible Batman movie, its difficult to distinguish any of the truth from any of the fiction. Fans are so stoked to see a sequel to The Dark Knight, which starred Christian Bale and Heath Ledger, that they have began the internet hype. making up stories or rumors, some based on truth and some just completely made up.

The certainty, at least for now is that The next Batman hasn't even been written yet. Yes some ideas have been thrown around but, Warner Bros. hasn't been able to sign Nolan. Will he be back, probably but its not for sure. The second movie was very successful and it will be hard to top without him. This huge delay in the making has given time to fuel some grand rumors. So lets take a peek at some of the most accepted.

Megan Fox and Cher have now been named possible contenders for the role of Catwoman. Again this is just another rumor. Megan Fox as Catwoman, please. First off, there almost certainly won't be a Catwoman in the next film and if there is, Angelina Jolie, "who has also been rumored to star in the next one", would fit the suit much better.

Maybe you haven't heard yet but evidently Johnny Depp will be playing as the riddler in the upcoming sequel to The Dark Knight. This rumor is one of the longest running Batman 3 rumors. It also is probably the most popular. Michael Caine is believed to be responsible for this one as he had apparently stated in an interview that the giant wb had been trying to get Johnny Depp to play the Riddler. This even though the script hadn't been in black and white yet. How is Johnny Depp supposed to play the Riddler in a film that the Riddler hasn't even been written into yet.

How about another Riddler besides Depp. There were actually rumors that Eddie Murphy and Shaie LaBeouf might star in the next movie. Murphy was to play the Riddler and Shai would become Batmans sidekick Robin. This story originally reported by the Sun, a UK tabloid seems utterly rediculous. That being said the reporter still backs his story and claims his source is also the source that put Daniel Craig as the new Bond. Remember when that came out how obsurd it seemed. But aren't you glad it was true. I still can't see it happening, and Bale has been quoted numerous times as not wanting to ever see Robin in the Movie.

In closing, its hard to believe anything you hear about Batman. The one thing that is for certain is that there will be one. The last movie made far too much money for Warner Bros. to not keep it going. If you hear a rumor and think it might be worth looking into check out the Batman sites around the net, or just wait. Eventually the truth will come out.

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