The largest vertical mill reducer load test success

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NEW YORK ( Lee Yun ago) recently developed by CITIC Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. , a wholly owned independent intellectual property rights , China's largest MZL480 grinding double planetary reducer , a load test after the completion of a successful assembly . Test results show that the performance indicators meet the design requirements .

The vertical roller mill reducer weighs 124 tons , the maximum power of 5300 kilowatts , is the second MZL300 slag grinding reducer , MZL370 reducer grinding of raw materials , CITIC Heavy Industries MZL series of vertical mill reducer another planet "hot . " The reducer will be supporting CITIC Heavy Industries for manufacturing , and currently the largest domestic LGM5725 slag grinding .

CITIC Heavy Industries project person in charge , MZL480 vertical mill reducer rely on enterprise -specific smelting , casting and heat treatment capacity , using the world's latest technology , integration of the latest modern gear design and manufacturing success , configuration, the world's most advanced hydraulic and lubrication technology and multiple security Protection, fully automated detection and control technology - mechanical, electrical and hydraulic control and operation of integrated real-time security protection system , to ensure that the large hydrostatic bearing and gear transmission reliability. " China Quality Daily "

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