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Knitting is an eternal favorite craft of all those art lovers. It basically satisfies the basic need for warm clothes. Knitting can be simply explained as the interlocking of loops of yarn that is made of wool. But for art lovers, the art yarn is more than a basic need satisfaction; it is a passion, a craze!

Just weaved with two needles, it is awesome art that can be easily mastered. When imaginations soar high, one could make up not only sweaters but also rugs, shawls, household decorative and lots more, in countless varieties of patterns and designs. With various types of stitches, one could come up some exquisite patterns.

Various art yarns and needles are used to obtain a variety of end products by giving it different hues, weight, texture or even integrity. Even needles of varying sharpness and thickness can produce various patterns. Hardly are people are aware that the earliest known examples of knitting date back to the 7th century, that too from Arabia.

Knitting patterns

Before knowing those free knitting patterns, it is crucial to know about the types of knitting. In general, there are two essential types of knitting and they are weft and warp knitting. Now, in the weft knitting, whole of the fabric can be produced from just one yarn and that could be done by adding stitches to each wale. On the other hand, in warp knitting, every wale requires one yarn.

One could opt for felting as well, which is a technique to join wool fibres. As the product is knit, they are usually agitated after a hot wash, till it shrinks. So basically the end product is smaller. So what you make out of felting? Well bags, socks, hats and mittens are the basic that one could start with.

Play the hues

One could easily avail of free knitting patterns in some good books as well as the internet. But what is essential to know is that the hue selection makes a big difference. Now many of the finished knits do not use more than a single color, but then at the demand of creativity, one could create cool stuffs with multiple colors.

Multiple shaded yarns (but of the same color) are called ‘ombre' whereas a yarn with many hues is called a colorway. For example, a yarn with the hues red, green and yellow are dubbed as the ‘Parrot colorway' while a ‘Heathered yarn' comprises of little amounts of fibres of different colors.


With those amazing free knitting patterns, one could come up with some outstanding fabrics, including bathrobes, pullovers, scarves, shawls, mittens, cardigans, headbands or even bed slippers. Not just these, some incredible baby clothes, bibs, and lots more can be made! It just needs a try!

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