The Juice on Blackberry SIP

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Being able to call anyone from anywhere in the world via the internet is already a hugely popular method of communication, but BlackBerry SIP goes beyond that. In today's world, where people travel so far and so frequently, it is becoming more and more important to be able to stay in touch with those important to you. This isn't just a matter of sharing news and updates, but also to let people when you are coming home, did they find the insurance policy, can Mum please feed the cat because Bora Bora is just so amazing you've decided to stay an extra month. Before BlackBerry SIP you had to find an internet cafe and phone home from there via Skype or send an email. Not any more.

Blackberry SIP lets you ‘phone home' from anywhere in the world as long as the both of you have an internet connection. With the huge variety of programs and possibilities offered by your BlackBerry, SIP is possibly the most useful. Communication is the name of the game and your BlackBerry SIP lets you communicate with whoever you need to when you need to do it. In areas of the world with a high tourist population, it is possible to sit in the town's central square and find four or five wireless networks which allow you to connect to the internet. When it comes to BlackBerry SIP this is great.

Why? Well, this is great news because not only can you catch up on your emails, but with BlackBerry SIP you can actually place a phone call home direct from your BlackBerry. You don't have to go into an internet cafe and pay to use the internet, nor do you need to go to a call center and pay to use their phones. You can phone home for free using your BlackBerry SIP.

Blackberry SIP is basically just a simple signalling protocol which allows you to make voice calls over the internet. This means that if you have a BlackBerry and an internet connection, you can phone home to the other side of the world if necessary and make sure that your family knows how you are and also that they know about that electricity bill you forgot to pay before you left. The same goes for such niggling questions as "did I turn off the gas?" or "has that cute guy over the road dumped his girlfriend yet?" Whatever you need to talk to someone about, your BlackBerry SIP will let you do it.

When you are travelling far from home, it is important to be able to stay in touch and BlackBerry SIP lets you do this for no cost beyond that which you pay for the BlackBerry anyway. That is the beauty of using the internet. You only have to pay for the amount of time you spend on it and since your BlackBerry is enabled for the internet anyway, BlackBerry SIP enables you to talk to anyone at no extra cost.

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