The joys of canvas printing

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canvas printing has been around for a while and recently has become more and more popular weather it is reproduced works of art simple patterns or even your own photos new or old printed on to canvas, canvas prints are a great and beautiful way to decorate your home work place or any wall that needs brought to life with their glossy finish and long life hang your canvas prints anywhere and you will be receiving great compliments for years to come.

Canvas prints are a great and modern way to decorate your home photos in frames can become dated and start to lose their look with canvas prints they should stay looking great just like the day they were made for years to come many of the manufacturers of canvas pictures will guarantee their work for up to 75 years if they donít you should ask why because that is how long a quality canvas print should last for if made well by a professional and no one wants something that looks great one day and loses its look the next the biggest problems with badly made canvas prints are they can sag which makes them look horrible and not worth displaying if properly stretched over the right stretch bars this should not happen however that being said a lot of canvas print suppliers insert wedges in the back of the canvases in the corners if you have these and your canvas print starts to sag by taping these into the corners it should return the canvas print back to its original fully stretched appearance the other thing to watch for is fading this could b due to the manufacturers using inferior inks you might also want to keep the canvas prints out of direct sunlight so be careful where you hang your canvas prints if it is across from a window and will get a lot of sunlight you may want to move your canvas print just to be safe but a lot of good printers will use light fast inks this means you can hang your canvas prints in direct sunlight without fear of fading but always ask the printer first as this is not always the case and if they donít use light fast inks they may not guarantee their work against sun fading and you will end up with a dull and lifeless canvas in no time where you should have a perfect and vibrant canvas prints for years to come if made well and looked after properly.

With digital cameras all the rage these days a lot of people just leave their pictures of special moments on their cameras or just upload them on to the computer but why not have them printed on canvas and have them on show and these days it couldnít be easier as long as you have a decent digital camera your pictures can be enlarged quite big and have them printed on to canvas hung on your wall and looking great for all to see. I hope this blog has made you think of having a canvas print made and helps you know what to look for when buying a canvas print

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