The iPhone still sells like crazy!

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The iPhone has swept the nation and become one of the most popular phones. So many people already own the phone with some of the most advanced technology to date. This 4G phone or 3G phone --depending on the model -- is owned by every age group, so don't think you are too young or too old to go out and purchase this hot selling item.

The newest iPhone, known as the iPhone4 has live play back for video chat in 5.0 megapixels. Both versions of the iPhone offer picture and video in high resolution. So you forgot your video camera at home and don't want to miss your son's graduation from kindergarten? Donít fret! Just pull out your iPhone, record and take pictures and you won't miss a second.

If youíre not interest in taking pictures or video chat, you can play a variety of games for every type of gamer with the iPhone's App. Store. This includes old school favourites like Snake and new fast-paced race car games. Be careful though, these games can be highly addictive and we wouldn't want you playing them while you supposed to be working.

Games aren't the only apps that you can buy in Apple's App Store. Use the Apps to turn your lights off in your home, record your favourite shows on your DVR, voice activate your text messages, use it as a GPS and so much more. Like the commercial declares "there is an app for that."

Still not intrigued? iPhone's offer iTune's. This allows for your iTune's playlist to be available from your phone. So jam out to your favourite songs whenever and where ever you want. Itís simple to transfer your music to your phone. It all occurs via a USB cord, your phone and your computer. The rest basically takes care of itself. Don't forget to purchase a headset so you can rock out to your favourite artists while you exercise, clean or whatever it is you like to do.

You have to be at least a little impressed by now, but if not there is more. This phone can keep both your work and family life scheduled, so youíre always on time. The phone has a calendar, personal organizer, alarm clock and an address book that has input capabilities for almost any piece of information about a contact that you could want.

This phone is perfect for the mom-on-the-go or the hard working dad or even the busy teen. You can browse the internet while talking to a friend or order pizza while you shop. The advanced technology allows you to multitask and to offer iPhone advertising.

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