The iPhone is the Only Phone

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Ever since June 29th, 2007, when every market selling an iPhone saw lines wrapped around the lane with bunches of people living in their cars in all varieties of steps of deteriorating health, the iPhone has turned to a household name. Perhaps the second to none electronic celebrity, the iPhone is so popular because it's engaging and it works. Indeed, it seems the bosses of the iPhone have thought of everything. No, never mind. They haven't, but they have left it up to us, the general population, to decide what it is they have forgotten. Remember the archaic whoopie cushion? There is no need for it any longer. Pick up a wholesale cell phone, (it's less money!), and download the user-created application iFart. Leave it on a surface and the next time the mobile phone is moved, enjoy the faux-flatulence fun.

But on a more technological note, if you are unconvinced about the iPhone's undeniable advantages, you should just check it out. The phone's sleek look serves to mirror the elegance of its what's under the hood. This is one piece of machinery that is obviously as pretty inside as it is out. There is no rough edge, each side smooths seamlessly into the other, fitting cleanly into your hand, the cool surface soothing your skin. The iPhone's advancing display has been often emulated, but has yet to even be duplicated, let alone surpassed. Big enough to read, yet convenient enough to fit on the screen, the iPhone's dynamic display has turned to the logo of the new era.

One of the best features is its lack of buttons. The world went nuts over the QWERTY keyboard most mobile phones now provide, but those minute buttons left little room formanly fingers. Two or three letters typed out at a time caused anger and a severe loss of time, and quickness is one of the crucial elements of the texting craze. With the iPhone, all it takes is a swift flick of a finger--any finger, of any size, a toe might even work--and you are effortlessly flipping through your ton of applications, text messages, calls and pictures. To write up a quick email, just bring up the QWERTY keyboard on screen and type away! The on-screen buttons are spaced-out, so that anyone can fire off a cutting insult in record time.

But enough about the technology. The applications are what everyone is talking about. From the playful, like the PhoneSaber which transforms your iPhone into a lightsaber complete with saber sounds when you jab it, to the important such as the EyeChart which aids the user with a real Snellen eye chart to keep track of any loss of vision. Or the Epocrates app, which assists users in identifying caplets by their physical appearance and catch any unknown drug interactions. If you're of a musical mind, you'd probably enjoy the Ocarina app, which literally transforms your phone into a musical instrument. The good news is many the iPhone's apps are gratis. Buy a wholesale iPhone and you'll be way ahead of the game. The iPhone: quite literally the only phone you'll need for calls, text messages, killing time and the pursuit of happiness.

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