The Ipad - How To Get One For Free

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The apple Ipad is an exciting new tablet computer that was released in 2010. Unlike other more expensive apple notebooks, the ipad is actually affordable and just as powerful. With wifi capability, an amazing high definition camera and many more awesome features the ipad will soon become the standard for tablet pcs worldwide!

Being a natural fan of gadgets myself, the ipad definetly piqued my interest from the start. It has a nice, sleek and simple design that is both beautiful and functional and the crisp, crystal clear display is really easy on the eyes.

Here are some of the features of the ipad that are worth mentioning:

High Definition Camera

The ipad comes with a pretty great camera that shoots at 720p resolution. Use it to shoot pictures of anything and save them to the hard drive for later viewing, or even upload them to the web right on the spot! It also has a double sided lense so you can shoot your own face while previewing it on the screen.

802.11 Wifi

Wifi is pretty much a must-have with today's gadgets, and the ipad is no exception. Being able to connect to the internet has become more important now than ever before. Use the built in wifi to access the web from any hotspot you find around the world. Check your email, post on facebook and browse the internet easily.

Advanced Graphics Processor

If you're a fan of games and applications that are a little more graphics intensive, then you'll be happy to know that the ipad has an advanced onboard graphics chip. Play the latest games and work with all the latest apps without having to worry about compatability issues!

10 Hours Of Battery Life

There's nothing more annoying than the need to charge your portable devices several times every day just to keep them running. Sometimes my phone runs out of juice in less than two hours. Apple has solved this problem with the ipad and introduced a new integrated and rechargeable lithium-ion battery that can somehow get up to 10 hours on a single charge! That's an entire workday of computing!

Do you want a free ipad? We need people to test the new ipad, and the best part is that it's yours to keep when you're done! Check out to sign up for your free ipad now. Hurry though, time is running out and we can only take a limited number of people for this!

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