The intellectuality of Art of Painting

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Defining the art of painting is an appealing debate. What prepared Vincent Van Gogh or Pablo Picasso the artists that they are? Was it the real art, or the defining epoch in which they lived? Was it an intellectual thought embedded in the entire artist? What makes a great artiste? These questions have preoccupied many people over the years. In the vein of spending thousands of dollars on what some people may refer to as absolute trash. Was it the life of Vincent and Pablo that prepared them so distinctive?

The simple fact is painting that matters amounts to whether you breathe your spirit into your work. It is defined as an intellectual conception while being a creation of attractiveness. The reality of great art is in capturing and expressing it on time. There are astonishing artists that by no means turn up and yet they could by subtle variations be the next ‘big thing'. This is where the debate becomes appealing since how do you define great art? The inner perception is the creation, molding emotions and feelings into splatter of paint. Challenging attractiveness that is inherent to the nature of the style in which it is created.

The artist is as much thrown by the winds of chance as there work. What made Salvador Dali such an appealing artist? Due you think that it is because of his lectures one foot in a bucket of goats milk or instead the detail that his effort was based on renaissance and instance. There is almost constantly an egg or a clock in Salvador Dali's work. The intellectuality motivates one to be in awe whether the artist is the splash of paint on the canvass or the canvass the splatter of paint on the artist. This is not so much a realistic article as a substance of discussing the consequences of art.
Just plant to be an artist one ought to have a soul of conception hiding within them selves; whether it is distinct in music, art or writing or whatever field; it is blessed talent and gift within each of us. It is the sign of an immeasurable work that supersedes the way of life and cultural boundaries. Whether it's a discussion about the Ikons painted in Russia or a Rembrandt, its just matter that in that moment genius was captured. Something that can be expressed to the world in elaborate depth, nevertheless without viewers the greatest artist is no more than a doodler.


To imprison an audience the work must by some means convey the feelings of the times. It ought to be more than just the romantic period, cubism or for that subject abstract art. What makes this century so distinctive is that it is a merge of all the styles. That whether you had Dadaist leanings or whether you consider in stipulations of fruitfulness goddesses, it does not alter the reality that art has become an entertainment of chasing fame. The intellectual idea of even the revolutionary has to confess that what art has turned out to be is a thought that we can conceptualize. So in essence what defines an artist? Most of the people personally believe that a true artist like Oscar Wilde consumed by their work where as the desire to be artist was distant more interesting.

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