The inspiring qualities of Clark Kent of Smallville

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Clark Kent of Smallville episodes is famous worldwide for his Superman qualities and possession of gravity defying forces. In fact, he is the alternate personality of Superman. Most of the adolescents have made Clark their role model and wish to be just like him. It's not so difficult to become the normal Clark minus the supernatural abilities. This article will deal with the qualities required to become just like Clark.

The first and foremost quality of Clark is that he is a good son. If you watch Smallville, you would know that Clark always respects his parents although sometimes they are quite annoying. His father has instructed him not to join the football team as he fears that Clark might hurt himself or disclose his secret. This ascertains that almost all parents care for their kids and want the best for their child.

Secondly, Clark has always worked hard on his school paper. He has always found journalism interesting and those who watch Smallville episodes know that he is a great writer although he is not a great snoop like his friend Chloe. So, the right choice of subject ensures great results.

Thirdly, Clark is always ready to help others. He doesn't wait for an opportunity to help others. But it's his basic instinct to help humanity. He just follows the old saying of watching your action which converts into habits, watching your habits which form your character and watching your character which turns into destiny. So, the concluding remark is that your actions are responsible in shaping your destiny.

Fourthly, Clark greatly values trust. In Smallville episodes, you must have seen that Clark shares his secrets only with someone whom he trusts completely. A trustworthy person is not that difficult to find. Anyone who is caring enough can share your joys and hardships and you can be honest with them.

Fifthly, another quality which makes Clark a hero is his forgiving nature. He is able to find good qualities even in his enemies and is able to forgive and forget quite easily. He always thinks that his enemies also deserve a second chance and they may be just searching for someone to save them. If you watch Smallville, you will know that the greatest enemy of Superman is Lex Luthor who was once the best friend of Clark.

If most of these qualities are adopted, a person may discover his or her strengths and weaknesses. This will help in creating a new identity wherein the person can eliminate all the weaknesses. The person will realize that he or she can use these qualities for some greater good. By inheriting these qualities, people may get inspired by the character of Clark Kent.

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