The Innovative Contribution by Arnaud Saint Paul Co-Founder of Smartsy

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What about Smartsy

Smartsy is a start-up mobile marketing company that focuses on enhancing customer engagement through a technology platform which has the ability to recognize any type of object thanks to its unique object recognition platform. Smartsy empowers publishers, brands and retailers by enabling consumer engagement around products.

Smartsy through a simple, intuitive and cutting edge technology is able to transform almost any image, product or video into an open gateway to instant digital communities, ads and contents without necessarily incorporating tags like watermarks and QR codes. More so, Smartsy also fosters conversations with the same communities by linking them with their scalable in-app hosting platform and customizable profile system which then empowers consumers to collect, share and comment on their experiences.

The Innovative Mind

This is now the Chief Executive officer and co-founder of Smartsy Arnaud Saint Paul. He has been working in various departments where he gained experience, such as Internet, Finance, Optics, Logistics, Health and Telecom. His achievements include such awards like Janus 2012, Best CTA 2006, Best Fashion Brand, Innovation Award, Best Idea 2008 and also Finalist Innovation Prize of Paris 2012.

His entrepreneurial skills are evident from recommendations by past associated companies who've outlined him as a valuable asset in helping streamline the innovation strategy towards any company's ultimate success. His flexibility, adaptability to change and strong problem solving skills has also surfaced key points when it comes to starting up or advancing a project.

With his core contribution towards the growth and stability of Smartsy, his approach has proven without the shadow of a doubt that his visionary ability goes far and beyond and that he'd comfortably go the extra mile to realize any company's mission and vision.

Behind the Scenes

This technology company is run by polished professionals whose positive recognition stands out from the rest. Consisting of internationally bred experts from such countries as Europe, US and the UK, these professionals are best armed in the Business industry, Science and technology and Marketing strategies. It would be right to say that entrepreneurship is key among both the entire staff body and the big brain behind Smartsy.

While without unity an empire can easily fall, it seems the entire Smartsy fraternity understands this notion and no doubt the reason this entity has gained momentum with so fast a rate. With a team of 3 advisors working on maximizing object recognition, their presence in technical industry for over 20 years helps complement their contribution. We are talking about Editors, Chairmen, Professors and Award winners in a simultaneous order of Paul Dunay as Marketing Advisor, Gd Ramkumar as Technical Advisor and Marius Preda as the Scientific Advisor.

The Future

While there is no telling where technology innovation will land Smartsy but truth be told, with the pace that's already been established, we are looking at the most powerful and fast leading mobile marketing company of all time.

Again with their apps compatible with both iOS and soon with Android devices and their powerful 3D and 2D recognition technology, the platform is fast becoming an invaluable tool connecting users with their immediate environment. So you love Smartsy? Then don't wait any longer to own it and start enjoying limitless discovery, reaching out to each and every one of your heart's desires. See the world through Smartsy and experience the zenith of technology!

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