The Ingenuity of FatTrap

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Everyone knows what a nuisance it is when there is a lot of used cooking oil to get rid of. Pouring fat down the drain may be the way that most people get rid of it but it is a messy job and it ends up generating even more work. A lot of people dispose of it down the sink simply because they don't know what else they can do with it. Hot water will wash most of it down the plughole, but there is always a greasy coating that is left around your sink afterwards.

When you have had a large roast dinner there are always plenty of pots, and after washing them all up the last thing you feel like doing is scrubbing all of the waste vegetable oil from the sink and bowl. Unfortunately, this is exactly how it has been for most people for a great many years. But that was before someone came up with a very clever solution to it all...

There is now an ingenious new product called ‘Fattrap'. This effectively makes the problem of how to dispose of waste cooking oil a thing of the past. It works by soaking up all of the hot oil and turning it into a solid lump. This is then easily disposed of in a rubbish bin. The Fattrap cooking oil disposal pouch can be used alongside all different kinds of cooking methods. It will work when you are using a grill, frying pan, roasting dish or health grill. If, for example, you are using a barbeque and there are a lot of people to cook for then you can even use two pouches together.

As if this were not enough, the Fattrap is totally natural. It is made up of Coir pith; because this substance is like a honeycomb it actually traps the waste oil inside the pouch. When you have finished your cooking and the pouch has solidified, you can simply pick it up and drop it into the bin. It is a totally clean way to dispose of old fat that makes clever use of an organic material.

The Fattrap cooking oil disposal pouches are so effective that you can even use them to wipe away any fatty residue from your pans, grills and cooking utensils. They make the task of oil disposal a whole lot simpler and, when you do have to get the washing up done your pots and pans will only have a minimal amount of residue left on them.

Although it isn't just the chef who is going to benefit from this brilliant invention; every year it costs thousands of pounds for
water companies to get rid of used vegetable oil from drainage systems. Because so many people are pouring their old oil down the plug hole it is causing horrendous problems below ground. The used fat literally needs to be ‘shovelled' out of drains on a regular basis. This causes an enormous amount of very unpleasant work for a great many people.

To find and read more information about this environmentally-friendly product simply visit the Fattrap website.

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