The increasing need for mobile phones

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For children to develop their own confidence and feel happy in themselves, it is important that they make a few friends in school. The social skills learnt inevitably follow them through their childhood and into adulthood. The importance of social skills and networking for children can be underestimated these days and it seems that the mobile phone is playing a large role in how well children fit in with their fellow school friends.

As we grow older, keeping in touch with friends can be time-consuming and costly. As our children grow up and get a job their lives become more hectic. Nowadays, a lunch hour can be valuable time for this purpose and used for chats and texts to friends on the phone organising the social calendar for the weekend perhaps.

At one time it was only the higher earners that could afford a mobile phone contract but as the times have changed and more technology has became widely available there are so many cheap mobile contracts on the market that virtually everybody you meet has at least one mobile phone. Nowadays the age of having a mobile handset is becoming cheaper and even children see them as a fashion accessory. Parents see them as a way of being able to contact their children and find out where they are and what they are doing.

Of course it isn't only children that are reliant on mobile phones now. Almost every adult owns at least one mobile phone and many professionals with multiple commitments have separate mobile phones for their personal life and their work life.

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