The Importance That Lab Created Diamonds Have Got

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Jewelry lovers are often perplexed as to why they should choose lab-created diamonds instead of naturally occurring diamonds. In recent years, lab-created diamonds were questionable. But now, their credibility and their quality are assured of being topnotch. Lab-created diamonds replace naturally occurring diamonds for all the right reasons. These lab diamonds, for one, are environmental friendly because there's no need to destroy ecosystems just to extract them. In addition to that, lab diamonds are not associated with any type of illegal activity whatsoever.

After all, diamonds, which often possess a high value, are subject to numerous crimes and illegal activities. On top of that, lab diamonds are also significantly priced lower than their natural counterparts. This alone, is more than enough to convince a lot of people. Here are distinct qualities of lab diamonds.

Material Composition

Lab diamonds are made up of polycrystalline on a molecular level. This means that nearly all lab diamonds that are sold worldwide only differ on features that are associated with the way they are cut, their process of manufacturing, and their method of polishing.

Having said that, lab diamonds are in perfect unity with natural diamonds because they are formulated at a minuscule level. This makes them all the more similar with each other. Along with that, there are different procedures of manufacturing. Hence, lab diamonds are easily changed.

Differences in Quality

The qualities of lab diamonds have always been the subject of many disputes over the years. This is mainly the result of the many factors that contribute to the quality and look of the diamond. In all essence, though, lab diamonds are only based on three levels of quality: low, medium, and high.

You must keep in mind that these levels of qualities specifically correspond with that of naturally occurring diamonds. Simply put this in mind; diamonds that have quite a cloudy and murky look are low in quality. Diamonds that have sterling silver or a very thin layer of gold over silver are considered medium, while diamonds that are exceptional in color, cut, polish are high in quality.


Lab diamonds that are low are normally sold in bulk since their value is not that big of a deal. These low grade diamonds normally retail for around $15 each. Meanwhile, lab diamonds which are medium in quality, typically retail for around $100 per carat. This is because medium diamonds can be spotted by highly trained eyes and are thus perceived to have a lower value.

Diamonds that retail for over $100 per cart are considered high in quality. But, don't use this as a gauge for the diamond's quality because quality isn't always uniform with the price.
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