The Importance of understanding the sun in photography lighting

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As you probably know lighting in photography is an important factor. It takes some planning and plenty of understanding of different light sources and techniques. If you don't light your subject properly then you might not get what you want. This is why understanding photography lighting is an important factor in the photography realm. Here are a few tips on the proper use of light in photography.

When you're starting your shoot it's important to decide whether you will be using controlled lighting or natural light. If you're using natural light you will have to depend on the Kelvin scale to find out the temperature of the light along with it's color. Warmer light will be red and colder light will be blue. It's important to figure out which time of day you would like to shoot in. As a photographer it's important to master and understand the sun's color scale. Photography light leads it's viewers towards many emotions, so it's important to know and get a hang of these colors. Soft colors evoke more emotion, morning hours bring more of a colder tone and afternoon more neutral. When you decide to use natural light you have to take the angle of the sun into consideration to see where the light falls. If you're shooting with a broad and diffused light and you will encounter softer shadows, the harsher the sun the more of a shadow you will get. During the afternoon, when the sun is at its highest peak you can loose definition of the subject. This can result in a bad image.

Landscape photography is great because it takes nature's beauty to provide the light and shadows of scenery. This is why it's important to understand and master the light scale and temp. Time is the most important aspect when you're using the sunlight as a light source. In order to understand natural light you need to understand the different tones that the sun produces throughout the day. So if you plan on shooting in a forest, the sunlight will have a hard time coming through the trees, unless it's right over the subject.

Studio photography on the other hand is a bit more controlled. You can shoot whenever you want and get great results all around. While this is more of an expense, it can pay off to get that perfect image. Technique and practice plays a big role in photography, while lighting is a huge part of photography, it's important to understand the sun's importance and understand how the sun works. Coming out at a specific time of day to shoot can make or break a photo.


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