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You used to have to be tied to a landline in order to be able to get phone calls to be able to get work if you were in the music world in Service marketplace. Then we got pagers. How cool was that? We could be almost anywhere and be notified that someone wanted us. Granted we still had to find a phone to call them back and that often wasnít fast enough to get the job but it was better than nothing
Then came the wonderfully overpriced cell phone. We could now get calls about work while we were on the road. Provided of course that the person that wanted us had out mobile number. When you combined that with a pager you were good to go. Now letís fast forward to the modern day and age and look at something that is offered by sites like myMusicCircle. They call it Mobile Notification for Freelancing Music Professionals. It is something known as SMS in Service marketplace. What this does is when someone actually posts a bid or awards a project on myMusicCircle if you subscribe to this feature you will be notified about the posting or awarded job via a text message.

What does that mean to you? That is quite simple my friend, it means more cash money in your pocket. That is because once you get that notification you can pull up your web browser (often on your cell phone these days) and you can verify the arrangements or in the case of a new project posting, you can bid in Service marketplace. A lot of times when it comes to projects these things are very crucial on deadlines so the quicker you bid the more you can potentially get. Letís face it, they folks post these jobs or projects because they have a need and the faster they can get someone to fulfil that need the better off they will be in their business. As they say, Time is money so the less time you waste the more money you will make.
SMA alerts are not for everyone. But then again neither is Pay per View sporting events on cable. But if you know the need for them and you will actually work them and use it as what it is which another tool for your business is, then you really need to look into this. I would type you a bunch more information on this subject but my beeper just went off and I need to go find my bag phone!

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