The Importance of Exercise for Children

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It is estimated that today about 1 in 3 kids are either overweight or obese. This statistic is a direct result from the increasingly sedentary lifestyle that children are leading. Kids younger than 6 years old spend about an average of 2 hours a day in front of the television screen, and when computer and video games are included that time skyrockets to over 5 ½ hours a day. Kids who are in front of a screen for more than 4 hours a day are much more likely to be overweight than children who don't. The epidemic of obesity amongst children presents problems that are so much more serious than just being overweight. There are an abundant amount of significant health concerns that are linked to inactivity and childhood obesity.

Physical inactivity is a major cause for health complications like coronary artery disease. It also significantly increases the risk of major cardiovascular problems such as high blood pressure, low HDL ("good" cholesterol), and diabetes. There are also several psychological problems that children can endure, such as low self-confidence, low self-esteem, and a high risk of bullying all due to weight issues from physical inactivity. The American Heat Association recommends that children get at least 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity everyday. Increasing physical activity will increase life expectancy, decrease risk of cardiovascular disease, and will produce psychological and social benefits.

Exercise will lead to stronger muscles, bones, and a leaner body all because it controls body fat. Not only will the health risks decrease but a child will have a better outlook on life and be able to better handle the physical and emotional challenges everyday life has to offer. Aerobic movement is a great way to promote endurance for children by making them breathe hard and their hearts beat faster. If done on a regular basis, aerobic-like activities will strengthen the heart and improve the body's ability to deliver oxygen to all of its cells. Exercise and a healthy lifestyle should be encouraged to children at young ages and it should be designed to be fun, not as a chore.

For adults, exercise brings to mind gym memberships, expensive never-been-used workout equipment stored in the garage, and a burden that requires precious time no one can afford to offer. Luckily for children exercise can be the equivalent of "playtime." Instead of spending playtime in the virtual world, children should be encouraged to go outside and engage in aerobic pursuits like riding their tricycle. Riding tricycles (and bicycles for older children) is a wonderful way to increase your child's physical activities and help guard against the health problems that are becoming more and more prevalent for inactive children.

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Exercise is very important for both the physical and psychological well being of a child. Little things like limiting sedentary activities such as television watching and video game playing, and increasing playtime activities such as riding Kettler Tricycles can greatly improve your child's life.

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