The Importance of Cheap Paperbacks

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Normally, books are published in two different forms, namely, the hardback and paperback. It is usual for books written by famous authors or books that have gained wide acceptance as a much readable one to be published in both the hardback and the paperback editions. This is done mainly to ensure that these publications are able to garner a wide readership. The hardback editions are quite costly and their basic use is to ensure that they last for a very long period of time. The paper used in these publications is also of superior quality as also the printing, while the cheap paperbacks are published to cater to those readers who would probably go through the book only once.

While works that have had a long-lasting readership are normally available in hardbacks, they are also published in cheap paperbacks to cater to readers who are interested in these works but are refrained because of the highly priced editions. However, these days, there has been a flood of publications which are basically meant for one-time reading. These include thrillers, romantic stories and even those which may verge on being pornographic. Since these books once read are thrown away, publishers, to keep their price low, produce them in cheap paperbacks. There are however another class of readers mainly in the poorer countries who cannot afford to buy costly hardback editions but would nevertheless like to lay their hands on publications written by famous authors like Shakespeare, Rabindranath Tagore, Ernest Hemingway and hence, to cater to their requirement, cheap paperbacks are published post royalty period.

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