The impact of mobile phones on the environment

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In the UK there is on average a staggering 80 million mobile phones in operation at any one time - and this number is growing constantly. Unfortunately, our consumer led society has changed the way we buy mobile phones. Mobile phones are viewed as fashion fads and as the technology is progressing so rapidly the average life span of a mobile phone is shortening all the time. There are still those of us that hold on to our mobile phones for years but this type of mobile phone user is a dying breed.

The throw-away attitude to mobile phones has led to a problem. These phones ultimately end up on a landfill site and over time the chemicals within these gadgets start to seep into the environment causing a massive amount of damage. However there is a solution to this problem and it is one that not only benefit's the environment but also helps to line your pocket. Companies now specialise in mobile phone recycling. By choosing to send your handset into a company you can get rid of your second hand phones for cash.

It is a smart decision on both levels if you choose mobile phone recycling. You will earn money relative to the value of the phone and you can sleep well at night knowing you have contributed in a small ways to protecting the planet. If everyone choosing this path it can only be beneficial to us all. As on average it is believed that a person has 3 old handsets laying around at home it can also cut down on clutter. Don't delay or put off - sell mobile phones and reap the rewards.

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