The impact mobile phones have in our everyday life

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A mobile phone is a small, portable electronic gadget that is used for communication. When mobile technology was still new, only a few could afford it as it was quite expensive. Lately, the device has become quite cheap and almost every one own one. The impact mobile phones have in our daily life is quite significant. Mobile phones are easy to use, very portable and contain many features that make our communication effective and convenient.

Mobile phones have come to be known as lifesavers since they have been used and continue being used on very many emergency situations. Many lives have been saved courtesy of the mobile device; people caught up in all sorts of sticky situations have had their situations transformed from desperation and despair to relief and hope in almost an instance. The device enables long range communication conveniently and without a hitch.

In Japan, the impact mobile phones have created is tremendous. The device has been used to convey important information that saves lives. People there are notified of earthquakes and any other natural disasters that pose as a threat to life freely. In case of emergency, disaster response crew uses the device to locate injured and trapped people using the signals from their devices.

For those that love games, downloading of Java games, music and video clips has been made very easy and cheap. Most phones have internet features such that we are able to check our mail at any time, this helps in planning and therefore saves us time. Phones have made families get closer together as the family members can keep in touch from time to time.

The phones have also had a negative impact in several ways. They have made us lose the interest of making new friends as we no longer talk so much to strangers like we used to in the past. We also risk our lives when we talk on phones as we drive, many accidents have been caused by this and in some cases lives have been lost. The phones are also feared to have an effect on our health when used for long due to the radiation from the devices. The risks of developing cancer, genetic damage, and brain damage have been raised.

Generally, the impact mobile phones have had in our lives has been positive as we have had convenience in many aspects and cheaply too. We need the devices but we need to use them cautiously to avoid risking our health and losing lives through improper use.

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