The Hypocrisy of Al Gore and David Zuzuki and others!

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Imagine how you would feel?

Just listening to Al Gore and DR David Zuzuki on talk radio CBC.
And hearing these selfishly motivated speakers (we believe) to advance only their agenda's.
And those of CBC as supporting their agenda being in the same group.

Imagine the conclusion David said is, "The main problem of the world crisis is the burning of fossil fuels contributing to climate change!"
Some meager truth to that. But is not the real problem!

Here's the dilemma or actual root of the problem, Those (Al Gore David Zuzuki, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and the media such as CBC and CTV and those in the US of A) with the biggest pockets talk only of their agenda and how to solve the crisis while they line their pockets! But where does that leave those who cry out for help saying may be here in lies a solution?

Trying for a long time to get even the slightest help from anyone who will listen.
You have tried many times even to contact Al Gore, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, David Zuzuki and media stations and many others.

You can call it what ever you like stubbornness or plain stupidity of those mentioned above or including ones self. (note we included our self)

We know we are not perfect, But how would you now feel hearing all these wealthy persons speaking, "we got to do something about the pollution"!" and the climate change that is taking over our earth producing global warming!" When it seems they have a one track mind to line their pockets. When we are taught it's better to give.

Then there is your self a man with a big heart who realises this, spends 1000's of hours doing up paid research supported only by ones self, in a most profound field that has confounded all the intellect's world wide. Obviously the intellect's tell everyone this is not possible.

But just because they say "NOT" possible, does "NOT" mean what they say is true!

Now consider, having been given a fairly good education in the fields related to this subject they say Not possible. Which is (Mathematics and electronics) by a very good teacher who's books are now used in several universities and institutes. And being able to comprehend their teachings of most learned in these field's of physics.

That leaves us with the question WHY? Why ignore some one who tries?
Has anyone thought that just because one person financially without funds and does this mean he or she will not be the one to provide the final answer?

How would you feel possibly finding an over looked law in physics, that one wants to explore, and can't because of lacking funds? No one listens. Then one thinks to them self, why should we give these selfishly motivated persons the knowledge one has found? Why shouldn't we be allowed this opportunity first without contractual agreements? Especially when one knows and can possibly see many uses for this energy. (Replacing all fossil fuels to nuclear. medicine and including the possibility of space travel)

Then may be one has not got the best website to attract the attention of the simple in mind.
Does this mean they should be ignored many times?
Just because they can't spell or communicate properly, does this also mean they should not get help?

Or is the simple answer that those who look upon the nature of what we said are the ones with the actual P brain? May be we are calling the kettle black before we have found anything.
May be we are the hypocrite with a "P" brain and not those who have been contacted and or read our web site!

How would you feel? Not having asked for money but to have asked a different reason, because we feel they won't part with even pocket change, But to have asked for just some simple recognition to help raise a few pennies from those who like to help. All we wanted in the past was to ask for a web link as below or the mentioning of this simple research, By one who cares and is trying to do his part. By one who has never asked for a ton of money. Just enough to get by and buy the odd piece of material when needed. Rather then to consider should I buy this for my experiment or will I need this for my tires getting bald or is it food on the table this time?

It's possibly to much to ask but,
Thank you for hearing me,
David Chura,
(the only) Research investigator field of CMA energy. @
www Climate Change Magnetic Energy com
David Chura, research investigator, field of CMA energy,
readers digital
buying a kindle as a gift
global warming

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