The HTC HD7 Is Packed With Impressive Specifications

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The highly anticipated smartphone HTC HD7 is now here and looks set to prove very popular. It is a handset thatís sure to impress smartphone and gadget enthusiasts as it has the winning combination of innovative and powerful software along with superb build quality and aesthetics.

The hardware of this smartphone is similar to other recent released such as the HTC 7 Mozart and HTC Desire HD (constructed from an aluminium unibody). The aesthetically pleasing industrial design is sure to create an impression. The handset has a matte coating in the rear, which makes it sturdy due to the metal like exterior and the grip is also perfect due to the curves.

There are many interesting features that manufacturer has added to the Windows Phone 7 for an unforgettable experience. The 4.3Ē display of the HTC HD7 is a visual treat as the clarity is beyond match due to its pixel resolution of 480x 800. Another great feature of this smartphone is the Xbox LIVE. The large screen makes the experience larger than life. One can pick from the vast range of game titles as well as play the game for free before purchasing.

The gigantic 4.3 high resolution screen creates an unparalleled experience. This phone has a wide kickstand which helps it to stay upright without the fear of it tumbling over. The viewer can take their pick of the favourite movies and videos from Netflix, a multimedia library available on this smartphone.

With HTC HD7 one can take high quality still images and movies as it comes with a 720p HD camcorder. The picture quality and clarity is phenomenal. It is easy to enhance pictures with features such as auto-enhance preset which will correct the brightness and the colour of the picture.

Another great application that has been instilled in this phone is the Stocks app. Needless to say; this application keeps the user up to date on stocks and shares, an app which is sure to prove a hit with business users. One can take upto 30 stocks and keep an eye on its progress with the rotate to view charts in full-screen detail. This phone comes with Flashlight app that can be turned into a LED flashlight with 3 levels of brightness. Not just that it can also flash SOS signal in times of emergency.

For the weather conscious, this smartphone comes with a weather app. It presents the weather in a 3D animation, it also provides the forecasts of your location and other cities, and also predicts the weather. The Lists app helps the user to manage the shopping list, work and travel details and other day to day tasks.

If you look at the preloaded features of the HTC HD7, you can appreciate the appeal and imagine the user experience it presents. The combination of powerful hardware and versatile software ensure the great user experience, which in turns means the HTC HD7 looks set to be a winner.

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