The HTC HD7 - Featuring The Windows Phone 7 OS Just Like The HTC 7 Mozart

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The much awaited HTC HD7 smartphone is now available and has all the ingredients to be an extremely popular handset. It will surely impress all gadget and smartphone fans as it includes new and powerful software, elegant finish and aesthetic appearance.

It has similar hardware to the other newly released models, including the HTC Desire HD and the HTC 7 Mozart. The elegant design of the device will surely make an excellent impression. In the rear, it has a matte coating, making it a well-built handset because of the metal-like exterior, while is the grip is also great because of the curves.

Numerous exciting features have been added to complete the Windows Phone 7 operating system, which results in an impressive user experience. The handset has a 4.3 inch display with an astonishing clarity at a 480 x 800 pixel configuration. Xbox LIVE is yet another exciting feature of the HTC HD7. Another strong point of the phone is its large screen. Users can select from numerous game titles and games have a free trial before purchasing them.

An incredible experience is provided by the large 4.3 high resolution screen. It features a kickstand to hold the phone in upright position when viewing videos. Users can select movies from the Netflix multimedia library, as the phone provides access to it.

The integrated camera allows users to take quality still images and also to shoot 720p HD video footage. The photos have crystal clear clarity and amazing quality. Pictures can be easily enhanced with the help of such features as auto-enhance preset to adjust the colour and brightness.

The Stock app is among the numerous great applications installed on the HTC HD7. It provides information and updates on stocks and shares, which will be most certainly widely appreciated by business users. Users can select up to 30 stocks and monitor their progress and also to rotate charts in full screen details. The smartphone includes Flashlight app which can be commuted to LED flashlight with three brightness levels. It also allows SOS signalling in cases of emergencies.

The weather app displays the weather in 3D animation and offers forecast for your current location or other cities of your choice. Additionally, it can also make weather predictions. Users can easily manage the shopping list, work details or any other daily tasks using the Lists app.

Exploring the numerous preinstalled features of the smartphone, it is easy to understand its appeal and to appreciate its phenomenal user experience. The amazing user experience is guaranteed by the impeccable hardware and versatile software, establishing the grounds for the success of the HTC HD7.

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