The HTC 7 Mozart Provides An Outstanding Range Of Multimedia Functions

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HTC 7 Mozart is a name to reckon with when it comes to mobile phones. An innovative device that exhibits inimitable style, impressive specifications and powerful applications, all combined in one. The new Windows Phone 7 operating system is featured in this phone and it is perfect for smartphone newbies and tech-savvy users alike.

Similarly, if you are looking for a new phone, then you will be awed by the brilliant tile interface featured in the HTC 7 Mozart. This is one device that showcases world class features including an eight megapixel camera with a Xenon flash. The phone aims to rival with other phones offering Android 2.2. The 7 Mozart is small in size and very slim, so it will fit snugly inside your bag or pocket. You can reach the main menu, use the rewind, and search button with the help of corresponding external buttons. The capacitive touchscreen technology is something to write home about and a user-friendly interface that displays all the shortcuts right in the homepage is very appealing. The screen shows everything without being over crowded. The 16M colours that you see in the 3.7 inch LCD screen are alive, sharp, bright and vivid.

Since the 7 Mozart runs on Windows Phone 7 OS, the applications are run quickly and efficiently. The touch screen interface is very comfortable to touch and works like magic. The details of the phone are well polished and it looks premium from every angle.

The web support offered by the HTC 7 Mozart is remarkable because of its 3G, Wi-Fi facilities and multimedia features. With Wi-Fi connectivity, you have the advantage of an unbroken internet connection through different internet routers in the same location. The SRS Dolby sound system completes your entertainment needs with its crystal clear quality. The biggest benefit of the multimedia facility of the phone is that it allows for video recording at 720p; and thus providing high definition pictures. The company claims a total web browsing experience with its full HTML web browser. You can check your mails, watch videos and upload them with the help of a really fast net connection. An HSDPA connection gives you great download speeds at 7.2 Mbps. When you buy a standard HTC 7 Mozart, you also get Bluetooth connectivity and micro USB connectors. The phone lets you stay connected no matter where you are. You can locate various places with the help of GPS and Bing Maps.

This revolutionary smartphone now offers you the complete package of different technologies because it provides for entertainment, web-browsing, e-mailing and an advanced camera. The company has incorporated the new Microsoft OS with this phone and has also included the Qualcomm Snapdragon processor for a lightning fast user experience.

When you summarize the HTC 7 Mozart, the smartphone is fit to be tagged as a device that has combined beauty with brains. The aesthetic appeal of the phone has won the approval of both the critics and the fans alike. This is the ideal ambassador for the Microsoft Windows Phone 7 operating system, and is sure to win over many fans previously loyal to Apple, Blackberry and other manufacturers.

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