The Honey-Do List Grows When HGTV Channel Is On

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If you own your home, or at least want your home and yard to look as good as possible, all the information you want to know is on HGTV. If you’ve bought a property you want to flip, all the tips and tricks you want to know is on HGTV. If you need to fix some things around your house so everything works the way it’s supposed to, all the ways to make those fixes happen is on HGTV. The only thing that’s not on the HGTV channel is how to find the time to do all of the great projects you want to do.

Regardless of whether you’ve got to fix your kitchen sink, upgrade the cabinets in your bathroom, outfit your man-cave with the coolest entertainment center available or have the best looking yard in the neighborhood, shows like “House Crashers” and “Outdoor Room With Jamie Durie” will give you ideas and techniques on how to get the most out of your home and your dollar. “Disaster DIY” shows you how to take the worst of situations and not only fix them but make them look great again.

For those who like investment properties, buying homes that are distressed or in foreclosure to fix up and resell, HGTV shows like “Curb Appeal” and “House Hunters” gives you tips and tricks to make homes look great. Potential buyers want to know the home they’re buying is not only solid and that everything works, but they want homes that look perfect. Doing all the little things like showing a home that actually has some furniture in it, some wall treatments and the right colors enables you to take a home that was in rough shape and turn it into a money-maker.

Whether you’ve just purchased your first home, you’ve lived in your home for years or do real estate for a living, all the shows on the HGTV Channel have something that’ll give you an idea for a project or a way to make your home look better and add value to your property. Being able to see what they’re doing, how they’re doing it and the changes it makes on the property means you understand what your DIY project is going to do for your home. While the home handyman can learn everything they ever wanted to know by watching HGTV shows, just don’t let the spouse watch. She’ll have you working every spare moment to get the home she wants, whether you like it or not.

When Herbert Quinn walks into his home and sees his wife watching the HGTV channel, he knows his honey-do list will rapidly start to grow. With the DISH TV blog, you can find all kinds of information on shows, movies, entertainment and what's on DISH Network channels.

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