The History of Spas in the UK

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Spas have been a long established outlet of relaxation and enjoyment for human beings far beyond living memories. Though it looks like it should be an acronym thanks to its short and to-the-point name, and indeed some have argued in the past it is – the Latin phrase “Salus Per Aquam”: “health through water” has been mooted, in fact the name is more likely to originate from the town of Spa, Belgium, where the Romans had a settlement.

Spas are associated with natural water treatments and are born of a belief in the healing powers of mineral waters that backdates to prehistoric times (long before any spa packages were invented!). Hydrotherapy is a modern term used to describe a range of treatment by water. Though a worldwide tradition, some towns are better associated with the term than others. Nowadays it might be the London spa or salon names that get famous, but in medieval and Victorian Britain it was the names of Harrogate, Leamington and Bath that were irrevocably linked to the term (not least by name in the cases of Harrogate and Leamington).

Indeed it is Bath’s spa that stands out in the UK in particular as a hugely familiar landmark, the original Roman baths having been rebuilt under Victorian supervision, although the history of the area in association with the hot springs predates that significantly. In fact, early Celtic kings have been credited with the original discovery of those springs and they quickly became linked with healing and spiritual purification.

More recently, spas have taken up a whole new world of luxury in the UK, with fantastic treatments being offered anywhere – from the remote hills of the Highlands to the buzzing streets of central London . But they’ve also taken up new meaning – though spas can offer the very best waxing London has to offer, can they give you the spiritual healing that they once claimed?

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