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The HD LCD monitor can be widely used for car reversing monitor, CCTV monitoring debugging, aerial photography, small TV shows and other video signal display. Now I will introdcue you three kinds of 7" HD lcd Monitor.

1.FEELWORLD FPV-769A 7" HD FPV LCD Monitor with 11.1V 4600mAh Rechargeable Battery Pack Kit

If you are still looking for the ideal Monitor for FPV or aerophotography, FEELWORLD FPV-769A HD monitor is your best choice. Designed specially for FPV and outdoor operation purpose. The monitor has very bright image (adjustable) and very wide power supply range (6-12V).FPV-769A also has a very important feature for FPV users, it doesn't have "blue screen" problem when the signal gets weak. This feature makes you able to fly much further and never lose image. When VTX is not connected, it just show static, never turn blue or black.

Supported video format is: NTSC M, PAL M, NTSC BG, PAL N, NTSC DK, PAL DK, PAL I and SECAM BG.


1)NTSC and PAL dual-mode automatic identification, 16:9 and 4:3 switch freely selectable display mode

2)Analog composite video AV input, connecting aerial camera;
3)16:9 golden ratio, support 800 * 480 HD resolution;
4)Connected to the camera, as aerial surveillance monitor or secondary monitor;
5)High brightness, contrast, anti-glare screen with a sun shade, sun clearly visible;
6)Variety of installation, easy to view different angles
7)Including Feelworld 11.1V 4600mAh (Model: FW4600BP) Rechargeable Battery Pack for mounting on the bottom or the back of the Feelworld monitors for independent power supply. Compact size & portable design is ideal for your outdoor photography/video recording

2. Lilliput 7" 667GL-70 NP Camera HD LCD Monitor w/ HDMI, YPbPr, AV1/AV2

This LILLIPUT 7" TFT LCD Monitor (667GL-70NP/H/Y) with HDMI & YPbPr Input employs integrate circuits, low power consumption, and no radiation emission. It has fashion designed appearance and good portability. It is suitable the most display for VGA, VCD, DVD, and GPS on vehicles or vessels. Moreover, this TFT LCD monitor is able to be used in office, at home, or other proper positions. You can enjoy the benefits of convenience, safety and space-saving from this TFT LCD monitor in different ways.


1)HDMI & YPbPr Input, connect with Full HD Video Camera
2)With remote control, more convenient
3)HDMI, YPbPr input, connect HD camera;
4)16:9 golden ratio, support 1920 1080 HD resolution, a variety of installation, convenient view different angles;
5)Connect with HD cameras, filming as the monitoring display or auxiliary display;
6)High brightness, contrast, anti-glare screen with a sun shade, under the sun clearly visible;
7)External high-capacity rechargeable lithium battery that can be used at all time and place, free from from wired power restrictions.
8)Application for Full HD Video Camera in CCTV Monitoring and Making Movies

3. FEELWORLD 7 Inch LCD TFT HDMI Monitor FW689-HD for Video Camera

This 7" HD HDMI Monitor is designed to be used as an external video display, allowing you to step back from the camera while still being able to frame and capture the action without having to look through the cameras built-in viewfinder. It employs advanced integrate circuits and high quality TFT LCD modules, low consumption, steady function, and low radiation emission. This monitor designed small-sized, easily operated and safety, with HDMI, VGA, video and audio input. This monitor can be easily installed on digital camera DSLR or HDV, the best partner for photography.


1) PEAKING FILTER (Focus Assist) is used to assist the camera operator to focus on the desired object when taking photos or videos. There will be white color on the screen where sharp edges appear.
2) Canon 5D Mark II mode, camera mode is recording, full display on monitor, no delay, no deform
3) Check field (Red, Green, Blue, Mono, Color)
4)Screen Marker (80%, 85%, 90%, 93%, 96%)
5) Cross the screen center mark
6) Image flip U/D, L/R
7) Aspect Ratio Setting 16:9 or 4:3
8) 16:9 or 4:3 aspect ratio setting
9) Brightness, Contrast Ratio, Tint, Saturation and color temperature adjustment
10) Including removable high quality sun shade
11) Battery Slot (Model: F-970): Compatible Sony battery F970 F960 F950 T930 F770 T750 F730 F570 F550 F530 QM91D OM91 QM90D QM90 QM71D QM71 QM70D QM70 QM51D QM51 FM71 FM70

The HD LCD monitor is designed for aerial enthusiasts developed by professional aerial monitors.Are you looking for a HD lcd monitor? Slim design, compact and convenient, full-screen, clear picture quality lcd monitor is your ideal choice.

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