The Hangar Door That Stood Still

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When Hurricane Charley crossed paths with Florida's Punta Gorda Airport in 2004, the results were devastating. Hangars were demolished by the category 4 storm, which recorded 130-mph-plus winds. But Hydroswing wasn't surprised to find that hangars using their doors not only survived the storm, but protected the aircraft inside.

While the entire hangar door construction defines the strength and wind load of a hangar, the signature survival feature of these hangars proved to be the doors. Many of the hangar doors were quickly blown in during the Hurricane, leaving the aircraft open to flying debris and high winds. The one-piece hydraulic doors, however, stood strong. Owners of these hangars suffered little, if any damage to their hangar and the aircraft inside.

Purchasing a Hydroswing door provides peace of mind. To know that your hangar has the best chance of surviving extreme weather is worth every penny, especially avoiding the trauma of seeing your aircraft turned into scrap metal.

The hangar door manufacturer had a goal to deliver quality, strength, safety, simplicity and efficiency to the door market. All at a lower price than any of the archaic doors currently available today.

The one-piece hydraulic hangar door is the new industry standard, being more efficient and powerful than bi-fold doors. Hydroswing’s aircraft hangar is a custom built hydraulic door, and is the best solution for maximising your hangar’s value.

A truly customized hangar doors can make life so much easier. Instead of having to endure a full-body workout to drag a heavy gate back and forth, the Hydroswing lets it happen with the push of a fingertip. Since the system is hydraulic, there are no moving parts, cables, pulleys, bearings, shafts or safety switches that come with bi-fold doors. The tailored doors are easy to install and no adjustments are necessary once they’re in place. The Hydroswing Door can be installed on any building.

For any additional information on Hydroswing’s hangar doors or any of their products, call UK – 1772 563 112 US- +(1) 507-423-6666 Europe - +44 1772 563 112

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