The Growing Popularity of Plastic in Cosmetic Packaging

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Todayís shoppers show a great deal of attention to not only to the quality of a product but also its packaging. Cosmetic packaging has managed to attain a great deal of significance due to this. A productís quality or a manufacturerís credibility is ascertained by its packaging and consequently, cosmetic packaging has become an integral part of any marketing strategy. To make their mark in the industry, cosmetic manufacturers have to rely on good and effective cosmetic packaging. There are various options for cosmetic packaging these days. Different kinds of packaging materials are being used, including paper, plastic, glass, aluminum, wood and bamboo. Plastic, however, is the most widely used packaging material. Comparing past and present packaging trends, it is evident that plastic cosmetic packaging has undergone vast changes. Other than the obvious changes, like color, design, sealing methods, etc., the most notable difference in cosmetic packaging today has been the extensive use of biodegradable plastic.

There are many reasons why plastic is the unanimous choice for cosmetics manufacturers and cosmetic packaging manufacturers:

a)Affordability -Though plastic today is relatively high in cost compared to the past, it still continues to be the most cost effective and affordable packaging material. The plastic that is used today is petroleum based, and if the price of the raw materials increases, so will the price of the plastic. Once the use of plant-based plastic becomes rampant, it will become even less expensive.

b)Long Lasting -Plastic is highly durable and long lasting as it neither rusts nor rots by natural means; due to this, it can resist the detrimental effects of acids, sugars and salts to a large degree.

c)Convenience -Plastics are easy to handle as they are light in weight. This also makes them extremely portable when compared to glass.

d)Resilience -As plastic is waterproof, tear proof and shatter proof, it becomes enormously easy to transport, manage and store.

In addition to the above mentioned benefits, compared to the plastics of the past, most of the plastic used these days is recyclable and bio-degradable. This has reduced plasticís impact on the environment to a certain extent, though some plastics ó PVC, LDPE, PP etc. ó are not as easy to recycle. The most effective approach in reducing the menace of plastic is recycling coalesced with consumption reduction. Also using only recyclable resins such as PETE, HDPE and PS in cosmetic packaging can help.

Cosmetics manufacturers today are increasingly using plastic for making containers such as airless pumps, treatment pumps, lotion pumps, foamers, etc. The benefits of using plastic in the cosmetic packaging industry are vast, but the impact of plastics on the environment is something that should never be forgotten.

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