The Grapefruit Diet Plan

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How do you follow the grapefruit diet plan in a healthy way? And how does this diet actually work?

Grapes are known to be very low in calories, and have the ability to control the level of insulin in our bodies. The most important factor in the grapefruit diet plan, is the insulin controlling ability of grapefruits, which will lower our appetite. The grapefruits will lower the insulin level in our blood, and will make us feel less hungry and eat less.

The low calorie levels are another important part of the grapefruit diet plan. While you are on this diet, you will be consuming no more than some 800 calories per day, which is just half of your daily requirements. This will in return, cause the body to burn fat stores in order to meet the daily requirements, and it is this effect that will make you lose weight.

The grapefruit diet plan is based on calorie starvation, and will be unhealthy over longer periods. Your body will not only be starved from calories, but also elementary nutrition, that your body will need to function and stay healthy.

The best way to make safe use of this diet, is to eat grapefruits for no more than 5 days at a time. Once you have been on the grapefruit diet plan for five days, you most go back to regular, but healthy eating for five days before you can go back to another five days with grapefruit eating. This will allow the body to refill its stores of basic nutrients and minerals, and will keep you from growing tired of eating grapefruits all day.

The grapefruit diet works best for people who wish to lose a couple of pounds fast. Among dietitians this diet is referred to as a fad diet, and it has no place in the ranks of long-term diet plans.

A grapefruit holds 35 calories per fruit, and grapefruit juice holds 50 calories pr 100 ml. Take in between 10 to 15 fruits per day, and combine this with juice. This will end up at an average of 800 calories per day.

Please consult your physician before going on a grapefruit diet plan, and ask him to monitor your health while you are using this diet.

Hopefully you found the information you looked for, and I wish you good look on your dieting.


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