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Parents understand that doing their job is tough enough without having to weed through all of the rules we are expected to learn. Of course people have good intentions when they offer their insights that usually come across as must-do or highly recommended guidelines.

Most of the time that we make decisions in regard to children it is based simply upon common sense and what is obvious. Obviously, if parents are not consistent with their children, then that will only cause confusion and more problems. Below, you will learn how to be consistent as a parent which will make things a lot easier.

The first thing you need to consider is how your inconsistent behavior is adversely affecting your kids. In fact, one of the worst things this type of behavior will do is to cause anxiety within your kids. This unpredictability in their lives will make things much more difficult and complicated for them.

Thus, anxiety is the only possible byproduct of this type of behavior because of not knowing what will happen next. The child that suffers from stress and anxiety will begin to show those feelings through behavioral problems. Of course it is quite typical for a teenager to hang out with their friends rather than spend family time together. This is also part of the separation process and gaining a greater sense of freedom and independence. The fury of nature would be what you've got to look forward to if you order your teenager to join the family outings rather than hanging out with their friends. If this ends up in dispute, you might as well tell a tornado to halt; you would have about the same effect. Unless there are extenuating circumstances, it is best to understand these very normal and natural feelings your child is experiencing.

Every parent only wants what's best for their children, which is natural. But you need to keep balanced when being a parent. Don't try and make your children reach goals that are impossible to reach. There's a certain balance that you must find as a parent, which will be dictated by the abilities of your child. So just try to assess your child the best you can, and expect good things but not so much that it causes undue stress and anxiety.

The remedy to all of this is providing a home life that is stable and makes the child feel safe. If a child is raised thinking that life is a safe place to be, they will not go in a negative direction. If your kids are able to grow up and feel that their world is safe, they will have a better chance at a positive and productive life later on. And, likewise, the opposite is true for those raised in an environment that is inconsistent and unsafe. This is not to say that bad childhood experiences filled with insecurities is the reason that many adults today feel insecure. The bottom line is that children that have a positive environment while growing up will benefit later in life.

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