The Future of Pagers

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Technology is constantly on the move, which is an undeniable fact. The demand for new and faster ways to make life easy for everyone is now being materialized. But gadgets invented now are bound to become obsolete one day. One item of interest is pagers. Half a century ago the first pagers were invented, but it wasn't up until twenty years later that it became available for consumer use. The early pagers wasn't able to store messages and had no display, the only good part it has it was portable meaning you can bring it anywhere you want to.

A few years’ later pagers had an increase of users but were still limited to on-site locations like a hospital. When wide-area paging was invented the pager became popular for all-purpose use. Despite its limitations due to its text-only interface people appreciated its portability and ease of use.

The advent of mobile phone in the later years became a threat to pagers. This made pagers become obsolete as a communication device. With mobile phones ruling the market a few years later, companies that sell pagers are having a hard time trying to survive to keep their businesses afloat because of the rising popularity of mobile phones.

However it is not yet all too late for the humble pager, there is one way to escape the impending brink of extinction. That way, is to evolve. Innovation is one important key for the survival and continuous existence of paging systems around the world.

Two-way paging systems are now very interactive that some can handle alphanumeric input, can send and receive email or SMS messages. People who have hearing problems can take advantage of a two-way pager since all they need to do is to type. Since they aren't able to hear, a mobile phone would be disadvantageous for them.

You don't need to be deaf in order to use paging systems. If you are a part of an emergency response team or even an IT staff, you can take advantage of a pager since it provides an ideal solution for quick and reliable group messaging; this is true especially when you cannot rely on the much modern mobile phone systems. With this in mind, it won't be far too long until the pager becomes popular once more and is able to remove itself from its candidacy to become just another footnote in history.

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