The food pyramid - The loss of fat.

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I have just come and say that. I think the food pyramid as we know, is false. I believe that it is not just something wrong, I think it is for what should be a healthy food pyramid diet.

Since it is now, you can use different definitions, such as the food pyramid should be by a simple search for food pyramid shows us that we should eat vegetables, dried peas, lentils, cereals, bread, fruit and nuts.

We need to eat lean meat, eggs, fish, chicken (without skin), milk, yogurt and cheese moderate. Finally, in small quantities, we eat oil, margarine, low fat spreads, butter and sugar.

Wow. No wonder, because the dimensions are extended.

It's amazing that an organization Authority may recommend that must eat some of food pyramid.

Not only the view that Australia is the only organization food pyramid If this line. They were the best of a bad job. At least it is vegetables, fruits and objectives on the level of the food pyramid. Any other organization recommended more bread and cereals consumed in the list.

Perhaps you feel unfortunately, I am serious, my friend. Play on words, which, as is what people are itself by following these tips every day. Are only the road to a speedy grave.

So how revitalized, new look, food pyramid line up?

In particular, the food pyramid we eat, most of the vegetables first, followed by lentils, fruits and nuts.

Next on the food pyramid that we eat must be moderate. This is meat or alternatives, such as fish, chicken, eggs, for a period of three examples. Restrict access to red meat.

The food pyramid we eat is the economy as milk butter, milk and yogurt and as pasta and rice. I recommend once a day for most people looking to lose body fat.

No, calcium. This is what the marketing of food pyramid products and organizations in the production of milk is, as you rise, but it is enough calcium doses of fish such as salmon (eat the bones), nuts, fruits, vegetables (especially green Verdi) , and dried beans.

Food pyramid be at the apex of the food pyramid, the foods they eat as part of a meal from time to time cheat. You foods that are highly processed, such as bread, cakes or fast food.

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