The Five Great Features of Dahle Professional Large-Format Rolling Trimmers

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A large-format rotary trimmer is a great item to have around when your job demands that you work with large documents. Some of the best trimmers you can buy come from European office machine giant Dahle. Their professional-grade large-format rolling trimmers are definitely devices you need to look at if your workplace needs such a tool. Here are the five features that set these trimmers apart from the pack.
  1. Fantastic materials make for great construction. Dahle is based in Germany and they are famous for making products that have been superbly engineered and designed. It helps that all of their devices are made from the best materials available. For their professional-grade, large-format rolling trimmers, the company has used Solingen steel for making the blades and high-quality metal for the base. The blades are self-sharpening and will provide you with years of precise cutting. Plus, since the base is so durable, you can be sure it will never warp or otherwise become unusable.
  2. They cut a long, long way. There are two of these large-format trimmers available. The 556 trimmer can cut paper that is up to 37.5 inches long (that's over three feet). And the other trimmer, the 558, can slice up to an incredible 51 inches, which is just over four feet long. (As for cutting capacity, the 556 can do 14 sheets and the 558 can cut 12.) That makes these devices ideal for when you must cut huge pieces of paper, laminated items, or even photographs. These trimmers would go nicely in any print shop, photography studio, or anywhere else in which a large-format cutter is needed.
  3. You can put it right where you need it. A large-format trimmer is obviously going to take up a lot of space. Luckily, you don't need to have the desk or table space for these products because you can mount them on a wall or purchase an optional floor stand. The floor stand is an especially useful product because not only will it save you some space, it has a paper catch that will store your scraps until it is time to clean up.
  4. Convenient features for a great experience. Both of these Dahle trimmers come with special features to make your job a little bit easier and more enjoyable. Each unit has a paper clamp to hold down your work so your cutting will go smoothly, and before you cut, you can use the measurement guides and protractor printed on the base to make sure you're cutting where you need to. Each blade is not only self-sharpening, it is bidirectional and covered with plastic so an injury is less likely to happen. All of these features mean that your job will not only turn out perfectly, it will be a pleasant experience to boot.
  5. The perfect warranty. In addition to the great craftsmanship and wonderful features of these cutters, Dahle has given customers one more incentive to buy these tools: the warranty. Each trimmer has a lifetime warranty to protect your investment and keep you cutting.

See how great Dahle Professional Large-Format Rolling Trimmers are? Of course you do, so why not purchase one for your workplace today? It would be a wise decision.

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