The Figures Show That Online TV Is Booming

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The rise of internet streamed movies, videos and tv shows no signs of slowing according to the stats for December 09. Although we have already reported on the breakthrough by Netflix in joining the top 20, the overall figures show that online tv is booming.
The figures from ComScore show that for the month of December 178 million (87% of the market) internet users from within the US viewed online streaming and viewed more than 33 billion videos (around 187 per person). The time spent watching has risen as well with the average viewing time now 4.1 minutes (3.5 minutes Dec 08).

Online Streams Rising
No surprises that the dominant Google Sites continued to rank as the top US video property in December, showing over 13 billion videos, with accounting for around 99% of all videos viewed (does anyone watch Google videos?). Each of the 136 million viewers of YouTube watched on averaged 97 videos each.

Hulu came in second position showing over 1 billion videos watched which is a record high for the site. But still its market share is in the low figures with just 3%. Microsoft Sites ranked third with 561 million (1.7%), followed by Fox Interactive Media with 551 million (1.7%) and Yahoo properties with 539 million (1.6%).

With viewer numbers and loyalty like that it's really no wonder Google is trying to shape YouTube into a site which can turn a profit, be it from movie rentals, a TV subscription service, or better advertising options.
With Hulu looking at introducing pay to view options this year, it could have an impact on the growing figures. Which may be taking into account when they decide whats going to be left for free viewers.
The monster figures from YouTube shows why it wants in on the pay to watch market as well. If it could just convert a tiny percentage of its visitors they would make some serious money.
The figures show that watching streams via the internet is snowballing and all the new devices coming onto market built for online tv. It will soon be a part of everyones life, not just us computer geeks.
Hulu is to show alongside its movie and tv show collection, a branded news page from ABC showing all kinds of news content including short-form news items and the longer shows like Good Morning America.

Wake Up With Hulu
The announcment from ABC News reveals that they are streaming on the massively popular catch up tv website, the complete range of news programming from ‘Good Morning America' to ‘World News with Diane Sawyer' and also News specials and streams from its News Archives.
"We're happy to be able to provide our audience with another way to watch ABC News," said David Westin, the president of ABC News. "We look forward to sharing our reporting with users on one of the top video destinations on the Internet."
Interestingly this means you can watch news from around the world anytime on Hulu, so long as your in America at the time.

A new website has popped up that lets viewers from around the world start watching Hulu. How cool is that? And how legal? Before now if you wanted to view Hulu streams but were outside the US then you had to fiddle around with IP addresses with random success. Now you can just go visit TVGorge, a newly launched Flash tv streaming site that is jam packed with top shows.
The big question is though. is this legal?

TV Gorge Lets You Watch Hulu Shows
The website says that it uses searching and indexing techniques to detect and gather content from third-party TV streaming websites around the world. The company says that its proprietary script is capable of detecting the best source for TV shows and automatically compile the information for its database. Each video is said to be manually screened to make sure it is of high quality and working ok.
TVGorge adds that it does not effectively store video files on its own servers and only links to or embeds existing videos from a ‘variety of sources'. Listed at the bottom of the homepage are partners such as CBS', Hulu, and TVDuck.
Looking at the site content cannot fail to impress though with all eight seasons of 24 areas well as episodes of top shows like Californication, 30 Rock, Heroes, Lost, CSI, Mad Men, Grey's Anatomy, The Simpsons and many more.
In its T&C's the website says it fully respects the intellectual property rights of third parties, you cannot help but wonder if it does have any agreement with Hulu, CBS and the other networks, so watch the streams while you can. It may not be around too long.

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