The Fight Against Cancer Is Getting A Little Help From The Mary Kay Foundation

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Cancer is just one of those diseases that does the maximum amount of damage to the families of victims as it does to the victims. While the person who has cancer has to deal with the taxing medical issues that goes in conjunction with cancer, loved ones find themselves in a position where they have to watch their beloved mother, father, sibling, aunt, uncle, grandma, grandpa, cousin, etc., proceed through this terrible disease.

Mary Kay Ash, founder belonging to the ultra successful MaryKay Inc., which is known around the world among the best cosmetic companies for both buying and selling product, knows all about what cancer can do to a family. In 1980 Mel Ash, Mary's beloved husband, was identified as having lung cancer, a disease which he eventually passed away from. In 1996, Mary Kay established the Mary Kay Foundation which will help fund cancer research for women's cancer treatment, combined with domestic violence shelters throughout the country.

One of the main issues in the cancer field is not only the treatment of the disease, but the prevention and early detection of it. Flat out: if you can not go to the doctor's on a regular basis then you will find yourself in a situation in which you won't be able to detect cancer in early stages. The earlier that cancer is detected the easier the treatment's will be, and the more hope there is for a full recovery.

While the MaryKay Foundation can there be to help discover a cure for the cancer's that generally effect women, additionally it is there to remind women that regular check up's allow early detection. Most cancer can be detected during yearly physical checkups, which means that you'll get the jump on fighting the disease. That little bit is most likely the distinction between winning and losing the fight.

One in eight women are certain to get identified as having breast cancer throughout their lifetime. Which is a huge number. While that number should scare you, it ought to also get you motivated to do this instantly. Learn family histories and also be sure that you receive yearly check up's before issues arise. While the MaryKay Foundation could be planning to cure cancer, it is additionally out there to educate women about cancer too.

While everybody knows about breast cancer, there are many cancer's out there that women need to keep a persistently vigilant eye out for. As an example, one out of 40 women are certain to get endometrial cancer, while one out of 72 women could possibly get ovarian cancer. While death rates have gone down recently, early detection is vital.

While there has been some big advances from the cancer field recently, we have been still working towards a cure. One of the best techniques that you are able to help in looking for a cure during your lifetime many different kinds of cancer is to give to a group like the MaryKay Foundation. You'll be certain that you will not be paying for a great deal of administrative costs, your hard earned dollars will go to fighting cancer.

Cancer is not an issue that will go away by itself, it is something that we have to research and study in order to fight. When you give to the Mary Kay Foundation, you can be sure that your particular money will be used wisely.

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