The Fellowes Jupiter JL-125 Pouch Laminator - A Review

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Selecting a laminator can be kind of tricky these days just because there are so many of them to choose from. However, one manufacturer that stands out is Fellowes and they have several great devices that are ideal for the laminating needs of today's busy offices. Their Jupiter JL-125 pouch laminator is one such product and it has a lot of great characteristics and capabilities. Continue reading to learn all about the pros of this machine, as well as discover its few cons.

The Pros:

  • The JL-125 is a laminator that can handle both large and small jobs. It has a feed opening that's 12.5 inches wide so it can accept larger documents.

  • This machine has five temperature settings, including one for cold lamination. You can use Fellowes self-sealing pouches on the cold setting for the protection of your heat-sensitive documents.

  • Pouches that are 3, 5, and 7 mil thick can be used with this device. The instructions state that you do not need to use a carrier, but you should do so anyway to keep your machine from getting sticky from excess adhesive.

  • The JL-125 is pretty speedy. It can warm up and be ready for use in just 4 minutes and it can laminate a document in just 30 seconds.

  • Like some of the other Fellowes laminators, this device was designed so you can easily open it up to clean the rollers, clear a jammed pouch, or do routine maintenance. This type of design is terrific, albeit fairly uncommon.

  • This device has walls that are double-insulated which helps keep the heat inside the machine. This reduces the risk of an injury.

  • Each unit has an automatic shut-off feature to protect your machine from overheating. It will shut off when it hasn't been used for an hour. Also, a reverse function makes clearing pouch jams simple and also allows you to reposition your document, if necessary.

  • This machine has a very compact design that includes a carrying handle and a document ledge to make inserting your document easier.

  • A starter pack is included with this device. The pack includes several 3 mil pouches so you can get started with your new device right away.

  • Finally, the JL-125 comes with a limited two-year warranty.

The Cons:

  • Unfortunately, the JL-125 will not work with 10 mil pouches nor can it accommodate mounting boards.

  • Although this product has several temperature settings, you can't "fine tune" the settings. You also can't adjust the laminating speed.

  • The four-minute warm-up time might be too long for some users, especially those who are in a hurry to get their work done.

Overall, the Fellowes Jupiter JL-125 is a very good pouch laminator that would be a great choice for moderate use in a busy office. Although it's disappointing that this unit won't accept 10 mil pouches and you can't adjust the speed setting, it has other features that make it worthwhile, such as the automatic shut-off and sleek design. So if you need a laminator, you should really consider this product.

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