The Fastest and Easiest Way To Lookup Cell Phone Numbers

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Are you looking to match a name and address to a wireless number?

In case you don't know it, this kind of search is easily done and, when the search is done with a reliable reverse phone directory, will produce information beyond what you may have thought possible.

If you're anything like me, you may have some questions as to why you cannot procure this information without a fee. The simple answer is that mobile numbers are privately owned by whichever wireless carrier happens to be the owner of the number. This is the main distinction between wireless numbers and landline and business telephone numbers.

Landline and business numbers are considered public information - which means they are free to identify. The only way you will not be able to identify a landline or business number is if the user decided against having his or her number listed in a public phone directory. A classic example of a public phone directory is the White Pages.

You can still consult the physical phone book to lookup a name, but if you want to lookup a telephone number (termed a reverse search) you will need to visit the website of White Pages and conduct your search there.

Again, any information obtained on this website is free.

But if you try to search a cell phone number on the website of White Pages (or any other free phone directory), you will not be able to identify it there. Since these directories are limited to providing personal information reports on phone numbers that are considered public information, a search for a mobile number will need to take place somewhere else.

What is a reverse cell phone directory?

A reverse cell phone directory is essentially an all-in-one telephone directory. A good directory compiles data from a wide variety of free and paid resources. The overwhelming number of searches conducted on this kind of directory are those pertaining to wireless numbers. But it also is very capable of identifying fax, VoIP, landline and unlisted numbers. In short, if you cannot find a match for a mobile number using this kind of directory, it probably doesn't exist.

But not all reverse telephone directories are the same.

Some directories will ask you to enter your name, address and other personal details as a prerequisite to search their site. This is not a good idea. Once you have entered your personal information into their database, there is no way to know what may happen with this information afterward. And it's just not necessary.

Scratch these directories off your list of potential companies to work with.

Instead, look for a directory that allows you to conduct a completely confidential search. After this, make certain the directory does not make demands for a payment prior to searching. Never pay money until after you know the directory contains a report for your search inquiry.

Most directories will have a search box prominently displayed on their home page. All you need to do is enter the full telephone number (with area code) and wait for the directory to search its database for a match.

The report should enclose the following information:

(a) full name
(b) current and past addresses
(c) name of wireless carrier
(d) issuing location of the number
(e) family member names
(f) other phone numbers owned by the caller.

Some reports will actually include more information than this; as each report contains information derived directly from the issuing telephone carrier. But what I just listed should be the bare amount of information enclosed in any typical report.

The cost of the report is going to depend on which directory you are working with. However, most directories offer users the option of buying reports one at a time, or offer the option to subscribe to the directory. This option typically enables users to run an endless amount of people searches. In addition to this, discounts are usually offered on future mobile phone lookups and other kinds of personal information reports.

A reverse phone directory is not only the best way to lookup cell phone numbers, but also any kind of telephone number. This is the main advantage of using a reverse cell phone lookup directory. No longer will you need to search one directory for one kind of telephone number, and another directory for another phone number. All searches can be conducted in one place.

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