The Fascination for Celebrity Pictures

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It is typical for people to admire other people. In fact, photos of famous actors, actresses, and other known celebrities would normally adorn every corner of our home. For some, this is just simply admiration that everyone feels from time to time. Still for others, this kind of admiration can be considered as obsession. Being hooked to the collection of celebrity pictures may come in various facets but one thing is for sure, people’s appreciation of celebrity’s beauty or attractiveness has been part of us.
In the U.S. for instance, a lot of historians consider the 1887 introduction of “Gibson Girl” to be the starting point of people’s fascination with celebrity or star’s pictures. It was during this time when sexiness was not yet defined by how skimpy a woman dresses herself. Revealing a lady’s bare ankles during this era was already deemed as sinful. As years, decades, and even centuries went by, the highly remarkable sexy “Flapper Girl” carried the same fascination with photos of celebrities. And this passion just didn’t end there. Amid the gloomy period that was the result of the aftermath of the 1929 stock market crash, this admiration or even craziness blossomed all the more, thanks to what we have come to know as the pin up girls and celebrity photo that flooded the market in 1950s.
Think of the time when there was no Internet yet and people have to be content with magazines, tabloid newspapers, life-size posters, and collectible shops. Can you still imagine what people would do just to get hold of these rich sources of celebrity pictures? Those things are already buried in the past and we just keep them in memories. Nowadays, the computer and the online world have given people the liberty to access tons of photos of their favorite celebrities. It seems to be unlimited and only time can tell when these modern sources will disappear. But as of this time, there are no stopping people from searching for the photos of their favorite icons from the Internet. Truly, with just one click, these desired pictures will be very easy to access.
Sometimes, people’s fascination with celebrities goes beyond just photos. A lot of people tend to follow the life of their idols. They want to know how they live so as to find out the stories of their lives. This, more often than not, leads to obsession. People want a piece of their icon, figuratively speaking. It’s like the world revolves around the life of their admired icon. A day without a glimpse of this favorite celebrity would spell sadness or frustration. But that’s only for some people.
Around the globe, this fascination exudes. But people must always remember that their icons are there mainly to entertain them that’s why they star in movies and show up in television. As much as possible, it should stay that way. We keep a photo of our favorite star because of admiration. And that is enough reason for us to look up to celebrities.

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