The Expense of Fax Service in 2010

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How much does a secure fax service cost in 2010? - But the price factor is becoming almost redundant as the benefits of a secure fax service are far too many and it is has today become an imperative need for all business houses, regardless of costs.

It is common knowledge that fax is a document sent over a phone line using fax machines and secure fax service is the fax service that is safe and protected. The earlier fax services relied on phone lines and if the telephone line did not work properly, you missed some important messages. That apart, as anyone can operate the machine, the fax service was not adequately secure.

To overcome this and many other shortcomings, online fax or internet fax service has come as a boon to many business enterprises. Online fax is the process that uses the internet to receive as well as send faxes eliminating the need for phone lines.

The online fax service has the following distinct advantages:
  • No telephone line required to send or receive faxes

  • Paper work reduced to a minimum

  • Receiving multiple faxes possible

  • Can receive and send faxes from any part of the world provided there is internet access.

  • Through online fax service, it is feasible to directly communicate your faxes via email and you can also forward documents attached as mail to your clients.

You can today obtain online fax service facility from the fax providing companies and this service is quite affordable and cost-effective.

Service providers have many plans and you have the option to select such of those features you will find useful for your type of business and your faxing workload. Most of the plans include all the key features including possibility of viewing faxes on mobile devices.

In fact, you can design your own faxes and send them across to multiple recipients located anywhere in the world and there is also the provision to verify detailed fax logs such as number, date, time and result of the transaction.

Choosing the right internet fax service provider can prove critical if you want to have efficient uninterrupted service.

Depending on the type of features and facilities you wish to avail, the charges start from $ 7.99/ month to $ 49.99/ month. Additional fax numbers as and when you add them - $4.99/month and for vanity number, there is a one-time fee of $30. For annual plans, regular monthly payment is $9.99 for plan Fax 500, $24.99 for plan Fax 1000, and $59.99 for plan Fax 2500.

Please note these prices are indicative only and varies from one service provider and another

More than the rates, what is essential is you tie up with a leading online fax service provider who understands your needs. Ring central is one the most reputed and reliable online fax service providers.

RingCentral online fax services have the following features:
  • Dedicated fax number

  • Toll free or local number

  • Receive faxes on your PC, via email, or with our mobile application

  • Send faxes by email

  • Send faxes on your PC from any application

RingCentral has tens of thousands of business customers and has earned top industry honors and RingCentral provides all the telecommunication capabilities that today's businesses demand, while completely eliminating the need for expensive on-premise phone systems.

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