The Evolution of Cell Phones

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We have come across long way from the first cell phones to today's modern cell phones. But still the basic concept remains same. In the year of 1947, Douglas H.Ring and W. Rae Young, Bell Labs engineers projected the hexagonal cells for mobile phones. The portable phones were first launched in the early 80's, only the rich people had them. Those phones were very large in size and weighty. It cannot be carried in your packets or purse as now. Its weight around few pounds approximately.

Even though it is big in size, voice clarity was not good and irritates to use. Actually, all these phones were designed to set up in the vehicles (Car Phones). Later, the bulky phones were converted to "Portable" phones. The first portable phones were launched by Motorola and it is handy to use. In 1990, United States introduced the first digital cellular phone which is considerably small in size. The only sole purpose of using cell phone is to provide the people to receive and make call even when they are in the road.

As the technology improves, the facilities in the cell phones also improved. Now people not only making and receiving calls, they are facilitated to send text messages, emails, take pictures and video clips. Day by day the size of cell phones getting decreased and the facilities in it getting increased. The advance in facilities improves us a lot. In the next few years, using cell phone several megabits can be transferred per second, and will coexist with WiMax, Wi-Fi, etc.

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