The Event - Will this be the next Lost?

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The Event is the new show by NBC. This is an really good conspiracy thriller show, where Sean Walker tries to discover what occured to his future wife Leila, because she misteriously disappeared while he was snorkelling with a recent friend he made in a cruise. Leila got kidnapped out of her own hotel room and when Sean got there, his name wasn't even present at the hotel's database and the room was occupied with some other couple.
During his investigation, Sean gets to know the biggest conspiracy of the United States history ever.

Sophia Maguire is the top-member of a "alien" group, which was kept in prision by the United States government. They are like the human specie, but their DNA is 1% different from the human specie. Actually, 1% can look a tiny number, but you can compare with monkeys which have a 2% difference from our DNA. Some of the group members were able to get away from the United States CIA and they are living between the humans.
The future of this group is on a collision course with the ultimate global consipary of the United States Government.

Elias Martinez is the mayor of the United States of America. He discoveredfound out about the prision of the aliens some days after it occured. He decided that he really wanted to have a quick talk with Sophia (the leader of the aliens) and he did have the talk. After they'd had a talk, The President of the United States decided that he was going to tell that we are not alone in this world. When the President was about to make his announcement to the world, a plane was hijacked by Leila's father (which was being blackmailed by someone which threathned him to kill his daughters). That plane was going to attack the president, but all of a sudden, the plane disappeared from the sky and appeared far away in Arizona.
The United States intelligence describes a future moment where something big is going to happen, as The Event.

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