The Ellen White Study Bible: A Review

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First of all the fact that it comes with have choices in leather covers seemed very beneficial. Sometimes you feel like the sturdy leather and sometimes you feel like the soft leather. The one I am reviewing is the soft leather edition. It has impressed on the spine and the front in beautiful font "The Remnant Study Bible with E.G. White Comments". Well enough with the outside lets judge the books by the interior contents and not by the cover shall we!

This particular bible hosts a bunch of features from the concordance all the way down to the maps in the back but that's not what makes this review of the Ellen White Study Bible shine. The translation of this study bible is NKJV or New King James Version for those that do not know the abbreviation. This is in clear English and yet holds up to a more literal translation of the bible as a whole. I like the fact that the New King James has the updated vernacular for sharing with others and leading out in a group study but still enjoy the King James translation as well. The Words in Red are that of Jesus in this particular bible which makes it a little easier to discern things in the New Testament anyway.

One of the best features this bible has is the bible chain reference system. It goes through about twenty bible study lessons covering topics from Salvation from sin to bible prophecy. The good thing is that it is easy to follow and has some really beneficial cross references as well. In the back of the bible is also located a few extra study helps like the origin of sin and the prophecies of Daniel section. These detail the Great Controversy theme in the bible between good and evil and show the plan of salvation through the Hebrew Sanctuary and how Jesus fulfilled these things. It also breaks down classical prophecies like Daniel chapter 2 examining Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar's dream and Daniels own parallel dream in chapter 7. Then it takes a stab at two of the most fought over interpretations in bible history that of the 70 weeks and 2300 days. I think the historical outline as well as the biblical facts incorporated blows away anything you may have heard on these prophecies before.

Probably the biggest feature of any study bible is its commentator. Unlike Scofield and Ryrie's study bibles right away you get the feeling that the Ellen White Study Bible has somewhat of an edge to it. The comment boxes are in blue and tastefully put in place where the reference to the text or subject would make the most sense. Some of Ellen White's best statements on Salvation by Faith from her books Steps to Christ and the Desire of Ages are woven into this study bible masterfully.

So what about the draw backs right? Well some would say that the fact it is not presently in the King James Version from Remnant Publications is one, while others would say that some of the better comments on tougher to discern texts were left out, but overall I would say that the Ellen White Study Bible hits more than misses.

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