The Effects Of Climate Change

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Nowadays, our climate is heading on the brink of confusions and diseases. Why? Because the regular setting of temperatures and season is definitely not the same as te usual way. Let us say when time falls during summer season, it's not the summer thing that we can feel as it is, rather we come to confusion in ways that climate seems to have some changeable occurrences.

As a whole, things that keep on coming up now with climate change are simply the reasons behind to the abuses and misuses of the natural resources which God had perfectly given us from the start. And now, let us know some effects of climate change in which could help us reflect and do a solution to the current dilemma. Here are the few effects:

1. Heat temperature increases. This would be the result of man's abusive behavior in natural resources and not doing any act of compensation just to recover the ideal condition of our Mother Earth. This is basically an increase in Earth's temperature and this would be one of the reasons of rising the sea level. Pollution is also one pf the major causes and one example of pollution is air pollution. Air pollution comes out when we are burning non biodegradable wastes because of its components that could make the thinning of the ozone layer. And when the ozone layer could no longer trap the heat from the sun, several illnesses may possibly result like skin damage, sunburn, etc.

2. Seawater is getting more acidic. This is because of the reason that when there is global warming or an increase of heat temperature, glaciers would melt and some land properties would be carried away by its melting going to the ocean, and carbon monoxide maybe present in it which causing the acidity level rises. This situation is very much damaging to the coral reefs and to the growing fishes and to their habitat as well. This serious problem is so threatening to us knowing that this could greatly affect the livelihood of the fishermen and also for the economic status.

3. Diseases. Different kinds of diseases affect greatly to all living creatures. And with this condition, every man's lifestyle would be all put into hardship, crashing every angle of his mind due to the bitterness of loads being carried. Probably negative solutions may come out like crime rate gets higher, prostitution, and all those evil means and this is for the reason just not to get drowned with poverty.

4. Ecosystems would be damaged. This is not far from reality because even landslide alone can damage our ecosystem, and much more would be the result of climate change. Agricultural products and other related things would possibly decline from its regular level of production making the people suffer more.

5. Prices of commodities may get higher. Yes, definitely true! It is when there is scarcity on the production of supply and have a higher demand, economic cost rises up.

So, let us then pause for a moment and think of our surroundings. If we can do a help, let us not then waste the time to help.

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