The easy way to find a nanny

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Before you find a nanny online for your child, it is best to ascertain first your child's needs. By knowing your child's needs, you can define your standards. The standards shall be your guide on how to find a nanny.

You need to decide if the nanny is a stay-in or not. Factors such as the nanny's age, educational and cultural background, as well as her related experiences are all important. Some parents prefer that their nanny has a degree in early childhood education. Talk with your partner about the qualifications and come up with a list.

Start your search. You can check the yellow pages and the classified section of local newspaper for the nanny agencies. Each agency has its own standards and measures in hiring nannies. Choose the top 5 or 10 agencies and contact each one of them. Inquire about their requirements and procedure to find a nanny.

If someone sounds interesting and qualified, request for an appointment. You can discuss further, with the authorized representative, about your concerns and needs. You can also take a look at the profile or resume of qualified nannies.

Once you have sorted out the resumes, you can narrow down your choices to the top 10 or top 5. Set a schedule for an individual interview with them. Relative to your agreement, you can initiate the interview alone or you can do it with your partner.

Once someone has passed your screening, you need to ensure their background. Some agencies have done the background investigation before they welcome applicants for a nanny position. However, it would be wise if you initiate an independent criminal check. Your family's security should never be compromised.

If you are not lucky with classified ads, you might find a nanny by posting a flier on the bulletin board of the local parenting resource centers. You can also request the school of your children to allow you to post a flier about your search for a nanny on their information board.

In some communities, there are community centers that conduct babysitting and nanny training program. You can check them out on your telephone directory or you can visit your local government to help you find their address.

Friends, neighbors, officemates and relatives can also help you with your need. In most cases, these people may have hired nannies before. They can recommend the nanny, or they can tell you the agency where they have found a nanny before.

The agencies that you have found in the newspapers and the referrals may also have their own website. Even if you were not able to get the exact website, it is enough that you get the name of the agency.

The internet is a good source to find a nanny. You can use the search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, and MSN to locate their website. You can even type the keywords on the search box and the search engine will present to you lists of websites.

Online agencies can help you find a nanny. The procedure may even be more convenient, because you can access their database for possible applicants. You can also narrow down your search by providing information about your preferred nanny.

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