The Different Methods Available for Teeth Whitening Kits

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Teeth whitening are one of the fastest growing cosmetics industry in the UK, at a rate of 10% per year and increasing, therefore its no wonder that everyone is looking to get that Hollywood smile.

There are many different methods of teeth whitening, from the professional chair side whitening to the D.I.Y home teeth whitening kits, and again there are many different ways of doing it yourself at home, this article will give you an breakdown of the various types available on the market place.

Depending on the reason for wanting whiter teeth there will be a method that can be suited to you although finding the right home whitening kit can be tricky, the problem being that the gel normally supplied with a home kit is very mild and the chances of any significant change will be small.

To get the maximum effect from any home kit it is best recommended to used following a professional treatment, but this will depend on the severity of staining or discolouration to start with.g. if you have very mild staining then a home kit might make a differences but if your teeth are severely stained it might not make any difference.

What are my Options?

The most popular choice is the bleaching/whitening trays, you can visit your dentist and have a custom made tray and they will supply you with the whitening product this can be quite expensive, however, you can search the internet and find kits with a one-size fits all tray and whitening gel, the only problem with this is sometimes depending on the material the tray is made from they can be uncomfortably hard on the mouth and because
all our mouths are different sizes the tray might not fit as well and this can have an effect on how well the product works.

Before using any home whitening kit it is recommended that you read and fully understand the instuctions as the timing for use on each product will differ with manufactures

For those of you on the move the bleaching pen might be best suited to you to achieve that brighter smile. Each pen contains a whitening gel which is applied to the surface of the teeth. Using the pen on a regular basis is required to obtain the best results.

Whitening strips are probably among the easiest to use they involve placing a strip to the bottom and top of the teeth and leaving in place for a set time, the longer the strips are left in place the better the results however, do read all instructions before commencing as each product will differ, and there are ones that will dissolve in the mouth.

Giving my professional view I would advise that to get the best from a home whitening kit you should use it following a professional treatment to maintain your beautiful smile.

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