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When you are an avid FarmVille player, you can soon begin to find that you want to progress through the levels in order for new opportunities to become available to you. The challenges and decisions which you have to make as you progress can allow your farm and your virtual life to become more extravagant in the process. In this article, we are going to look at the different levels of FarmVille and what they involve.
For the first few levels, the main abilities which become available to you include the opportunities to buy new types of crop. You should be able to find that these numerous crops can send your piece of land into an array of colour, with the potential for larger profits, too.
As you gain more experience points from becoming more ambitious with your plots, you will soon be able to find that you can make more extravagant purchases if you save your coins. For example, you are able to buy and sell animals as soon as you reach the ‘savvy farmer' status of Level 7.
When you become a ‘farming wizard' in Level 12, you can even buy a wagon which can improve the productivity of your land. All of the purchases which you become able to make as a result of the experience you are gaining on FarmVille can open a number of opportunities for you to take heed of.

If you have enough savings when you embark into Level 26 as a ‘Sultan of Soil', there is no reason why you can't buy a modest farmhouse as recognition of the hard work and elbow grease you have put into farming your plots.
With the millions of avid gamers who enjoy this Zynga game flying through the ranks, there are now more levels than ever before for those who love to get their FarmVille fix. It is understood that there are as many as 70 different levels for the moment, with many people having the opportunity to discover new ways to enjoy success on the farm.
Currently, many people have only been able to take advantage of the wonderful and magical game of FarmVille on their computers - however, there have been calls for FarmVille to be extended to the iPod touch, just like the popular Mafia Wars game, also by Zynga, was. There is suspicion that new Apple inventions such as the iPad, which is essentially a large iPod touch, could pave the way for a FarmVille app for those who just love to check their farms whilst they are on the move.

With many people soon reaching the plateau of Level 70, some people are looking to Zynga for an extension to be made to the popular game that millions of people worldwide enjoy. Whether this happens is yet to be seen, however, for the moment, there are a number of themed events which frequently take place in order for the ever-loyal fan base to be kept guessing. For now, it could simply be a matter of wait and see.

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